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Shameless Review and Promotion~7 Scorpions–Rebellion by Mike Saxton

     An excerpt from 7 Scorpions–Rebellion

     Callous was still confused, “He shows no fear of the Seekers.”

     Zodiac nodded, “That is because he is immune to their fear aura. As I said before, do not underestimate him. In the same respect, do not overestimate the Seekers’ ability to confront him. He is more powerful than a hundred of them.”

     “What is he?” Callous could not hide his concern.

     “He is what happens when the governement messes with things that they shouldn’t, and they certainly shouldn’t have attempted to create a one man army if they couldn’t control him,” Zodiac gave a crytic answer.

     I have to admit that I don’t normally read Science Fiction, but this book was compelling to read. Maybe even a little bit scary. Could something like this happen? Will something like this happen? God help us all if it ever does.

     Set in an Apocalyptic modern world, the book opens to the whole world already destroyed. It was destroyed by a psychopath named Zodiac who had a series of flash bombs that were planted in every major city around the world, detonated all at the same time, throwing the world into mass chaos and destruction. Millions of people were killed, and those that were found, were either killed, or sent to ‘farms’ to be made into Seekers or slaves.

     This story is packed with interesting characters, action, danger, excitment, thrills, and many times, horrifiying acts of violence. There are nightmarish scenarios of the erosion of a human beings civil liberties and of mind control. Zodiac takes over what’s left of civilization, seeking out those that rebel against him, and destroying them.

     Vincent Black, a former vigilante, became the unwilling participant in a government super-soldier program. Of the 7 men who were involved, only Vincent Black survived. Now he leads a small band of rebels like Alexis Hera, a cancer survivor, whose surgery caused brain damage. Now she is unable to feel fear, making her a fearless heroic woman, and a force to be reckoned with. Josh, Talbot and Andromeda, are but just a few of the other rebels that are just trying to survive in the aftermath.

     Vincent gives the rebels the courage to stand up and fight, to give them the determination and the will to survive, and to face the enemy, or die trying. Teamwork, strength and hope give the rebels the power needed to succeed in overcoming these tremondous odds.

     Although, as I said before, this genre of book isn’t one that I typically read, I did enjoy it. This book evoked in me the fear that is evident in the characters in the book. The fear of somone taking over the world does seem like it looms in places like the Middle East. It’s scary to think that our precious world could be erased in a matter of moments.

     I give this book 5 stars. You can visit Mike’s website here and order the book from Amazon here.



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Shameless Review and Promotion~Chasing the Wind by Norma Beishir and Collin Beishir

An excerpt from Chasing the Wind

Connor~ “There’s something else I’ve never told you about. I’ve had a nightmare–the same one–since I was fifteen. It’s always the same, it never changes. There’s a violent storm. I’m in the water, and it’s very cold. The current is overwhelming me. I’m struggling to stay affloat. I see a light, a boat, and try to swim toward it. There’s someone on the deck, calling to me, reaching for me, but I can’t quite make it. I see your face, just once, before I’m pulled under.”

Lynne~ “Mine?” Lynne asked.

Connor~ “You,” Connor said. “The woman on the boat is you. I saw your face for the first time over twenty years ago. That’s why you seemed so familiar to me the night we met.”

Lynne~ “What do you think it means?” Lynne asked. She didn’t laugh, didn’t question his honesty or his sanity. She believed him. “God gives us visions sometimes to lead us where we have to go.”

     What an adventure! This very exciting book is filled with love, heartbreak, danger and a lot of very interesting characters.

     Lynne is a religious archeologist who wants to work on a dig in Egypt, but she isn’t able to start the dig due to lack of funding. In comes Connor Mackenzie. He asks his stepfather, Edward, to fund the project. He does, and Connor goes off on his own adventure with Lynne.

     But, there’s something mysterious about Connor. He has never been able to love anyone before. Any women he had before, he treated them like objects. He was afraid to love them in case they abandoned him like his mother did.

     But, when he meets Lynne, he realizes that she is different, and he does everything to get her to love him. And, she does. With everything that she is, she loves him.

     Connor is mysterious in other ways. He’s able to heal others with a single touch. He healed the baby bird that Lynne found, allowing it to be set free when he touched it. He healed the bruise she received when a rock fell on her shoulder during an earthquake, and the woman with cancer that he met when he was a young boy.

     “Go. The angels will guide you.”

     Connor and Lynne, married now and pregnant with a baby, are forced to run for their lives. Their love is tested in many ways when truths are brought to the forefront of their relationship.

     This is an excellent read. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as Connor and Lynne face danger after danger as they try to keep themselves, and their baby, alive.

     It isn’t a book that you will likely be able to read in an afternoon, but I highly recommend this book. The love story is beautiful and the story compelling. I give this novel a 5 star rating.

     You can buy this book at Amazon

     See Norma’s blog about “Chasing the Wind” here


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Review and Promotion~Don’t Go There by Rob Blogger

     Don’t let the picture fool ya. This is actually a good light read.
     Don’t Go There ´╗┐is done in Rob’s classic form of ‘brow beat’ humour. He rates 10 countries in the hopes of finding somewhere that he and his girlfriend can go for vacation. It’s not an easy process. But, Rob plugs along…kind of like that train in Switzerland.
     Let’s move on.
     He states a lot of good things about each country, but it seems the bad things outweigh the good things. For instance, he gave a -1,000,000 to Mexico because of it’s crime rate and their lack of caring about said crime rate. He figures that if they got rid of the pinata, maybe the children of Mexico wouldn’t grow up to be so mean and heartless.
     He akins Russia to a fat woman who is bi-polar, has a temper and a dry interior with an extensive coastline. Of course, the Russian’s invented vodka and they say “dah”. What’s not to love?
     I particularly liked his facts about Greece. He compares Ouzo to Buckley’s cough medicine. I’ve smelled both and I believe that observation to be correct. Although, as a Canadian mother, I have never given my child Buckley’s just to test her resolve.
     Sweden has the Ice Hotel, Australia was originally discovered by the Dutch in 1606, but they didn’t like it and Canada just wants to be the United States.
     Did Rob and his girlfriend ever come up with a place that they might like to vacation in? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.
     This book was extremely funny and entertaining. It’s akin to my husbands kind of humour. That’s probably why I like Rob’s blogs that he comes up with. I’m used to it.
     You can buy Rob’s book from his blog site at this address 
     I give this book 5 stars.


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Book Review and Promotion~Final Hours by Norma Beishir

     Final Hours is one of Norma’s books that she has recently taken from book form and made it into an ebook. It’s still available as a paperback, but with the dawn of ebooks, it’s a great way to buy this book. It is now being sold at and probably at several other sites as well.

     Final Hours is about what you would do if you only had a few hours to live. How, and with whom, would you spend that time?

     Jamie Randall, a young, early thirties successful business man has been living a lie. A lie he thought he could have been out of by now. He’s living a life as a husband to a woman that he doesn’t love, having been trapped in the loveless marriage by her getting pregnant. His motivation for marrying her was for business purposes only. But, when she had the twin boys, he knew he couldn’t leave her. He loved his boys.

     On a business trip to Rome, an earthquake occurs, causing the underground parking lot of the hotel that he owns, to collapse. With a broken leg, crushed by a piece of concrete, he yells for help. That’s when he meets nature photographer, Kate.

     Maybe it was her beauty, or maybe it was his pain, but he instantly falls in love with her. He’s never cheated on his wife before, but suddenly, he wants to be with this woman. She is beautiful and kind, helping him stay alive. But, it’s more than that.

     And, so begins a love affair that spans 14 years, and from the beginning of the book to the end, their love grows.

     This is a book that will make you smile, laugh and cry. There is even one shocking element you find out at the end of the book. I wrote in my review on Amazon, that you know when a book is good when you can’t put it down. This was that book.

     For a paperback copy, go here
     For an ebook copy, go here

     I thoroughly enjoyed this book and given it a rating of 5 stars!


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