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Review: Banshee In The Well By Robin Lovejoy

Sathra watched as he turned the handle two or three times, raising the bucket to head height. Then Niall grabbed the metal grille and heaved it onto the top of the circular wall. He put both padlocks in place, clicked them shut and picked up the bunch of keys.

Sathra ran the tip of her index finger along the dagger-sharp edge of her thumbnail. She wasn’t sure what to make of this boy in strange clothing, his nose freckled, his hair untidy and fair.

He seems very friendly, she thought. Such a pity I have to kill him.

This young adult book is one that anyone of any age could read and enjoy, but it’s truly meant for the young teen population.

Niall is by himself in the house when he hears something so loud that he has to go out to investigate. Inside the abandoned and locked well in the yard is a girl. He wonders how she got in there.

Sathra is a girl from the thirteenth century, who created a spell but the spell went wrong. Instead of going to a different place, she went to a different time.

Niall hides her away in the barn, but she really needs to get back to her own time. She finds out that Niall is twelve, the same age as herself. She needs Niall to get back to her own time, except, he doesn’t know that his death is the way to get her back. She is a Banshee, not the dryad that she tells him she is.

Althought I thought maybe Niall and Sathra would form some kind of friendship, her Banshee background forbids that. She does come to care a little for Niall, but when push comes to shove, she needs him to get back to her own time. She tries to use other twelve year old boys, but it just never seems to work out.

She must lure the boy to the ring of the Thirteen Dancers, a bunch of rocks that are placed in a circle. But, the boy must enter the ring willingly. Then she could kill him and regain her magical powers to get herself back to the 13 century.

I can’t give away the ending, but let’s just say, I think there will be subsequent books about Sathra.

It was a fun and fast read, the writing is exceptional, and I give this book 5 stars. Kids of all ages (and that includes the big kids) will enjoy this book.



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Review: 7 Scorpions: Revolution By Mike Saxton

Zodiac stood in his empty tower room, overlooking his massive Ziggurat. The solar panels glistened in the sunlight. Not all of them were connected yet, but it was getting there. With his helmet still removed, he took a moment to glance to his side where the body of Ty Wolrick lay. The man had sandy colored hair. He’d been thin, but toned. His final expression of complete dread was frozen on his face, eyes still open and dried blood trails from his nose and ears wrapped up the eerie package. He had not yet called the seekers into dispose of the body. Instead, he looked back through the window, and his mind trailed back to his childhood…

As the school bus came to a stop, the Fat-boy…

This is the second book in Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpion’s series, and just as scary and horrific as the first, but also different from the first.

If you remember in the first novel, Zodiac set off a fire storm through out the world, setting off bombs that leveled cities and killing millions…all on the same day! The first book was riddled with mass killings of people, while others were lobotomized to become Seekers; those that would hunt down the living and be rid of them for good, or to be captured to make more Seekers.

Of course, there has to be a good guy. That would be Night Viper…or rather, Vincent Black. He has super-human strength, and is out to find Zodiac. He has the help of some of the few humans that managed to survive the fire storm. Although not used to bonding, he considers them friends…even from a distance, and will help them in any way he can to keep them alive.

In this book, I found it differed from the first in that the author showed us how each character had become the way they were, giving us memories of when they had been children, or something from their past…an event in their lives that made them who they had become. Life shapes us from our childhoods onward, and if we had a crappy childhood, sometimes you take that with you. Zodiac was taunted as a child, therefore, when he became an adult, he held that grudge. Except that he took his rebellion a little too far.

Night Viper himself had done things that he wasn’t proud of. Those memories tormented him. But for him, those things had to be done to get him that much closer to Zodiac.

A tingle traveled down Vincent’s spine as he saw the sign that read, “Welcome to Manchester”. The last time he had come to this town was the same day he had met Talbot, Andromeda, Josh and Lexi. He had come to verify that the life he had known, the life prior to becoming the vigilante Night Viper, was truly dead.

Although a loner at heart, Vincent has formed relationships and friendships with the rebels that he has met. He’s helped them, kept them safe, and has realized that there is more to this life than just killing Zodiac (although that is priority number one).

The general was on his feet again in time to see Amanda charging at him. She was not backing off. She tackled him to the floor again with a momentum that sent them both rolling. He managed to maneuver himself on top and pinned her arms.

“You fight with a passion I never saw in you before. Think about what you could have done with us. You would be seated beside the true ruler. You would have ultimate power,” Callous said.

Amanda grunted. “You think you have power? You’re nothing more than his puppet! We all were.”

Callous shook his head as he leaned closer. “So short sighted, and here I thought you had the worldliest view of all the commanders.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, ” Amanda stated as she delivered a head butt to her opponent’s unprotected face, shattering his nose and sending him recoiling off her.

But wait!!! There’s a surprise at the end, one that I wasn’t expecting. I can’t tell you what it is, but you will see how it will lead into the third book. Vincent finds out something about himself, something so horrific, that even he has a hard time believing it.

This trilogy series is a scary one in that it actually could happen, but this one had a bit more emotion to it…teamwork grew into friendships and friendships grew into relationships. Yes, the death and killings continue, and will likely not let up until Zodiac is killed in the third book (let’s hope he’s killed, anyway), but this book showed a different side. A side with some hope attached.

Saxton’s use of the written word seemed different this time from the first novel. Just by reading it, it’s like the author grew in his own writing. Although this series scares me half to death because, as I mentioned, this sort of thing could happen, I actually enjoyed this novel, I think because of the growing relationships and friendships.

I give this book 5 stars!

Look for an upcoming interview with Mike Saxton in the near future right here at reviews and promotions!


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An Interview With Bestselling Author, Norma Beishir

Please join me today in welcoming my friend and bestselling author, Norma Beishir to my blog. She is going to have a re-release of Chasing The Wind, a book that has intrigue, romance and a healthy dose of religion in it. On the eve of its re-release and the sequel to it, I thought some of my friends and I would ask her some questions.

Norma, I’ve never done an interview with you before, so this is a pleasure. And, welcome to my blog. I hope that I can help get the word out about your re-release.

I thought it might be fun to do something different. A little more unconventional to the ordinary interviews I’ve done before. I decided to have some of our friends ask you some questions, along with myself. There are some things we NEED to know!

So, here we go!

1. Who are your favourite published authors and why? Have you gained inspiration from them for your works in the past?

Sidney Sheldon–I’ve always said he was my creative writing professor, he just didn’t know it. I learned more from reading his books than I could ever have learned in a course. I also love Janet Evanovich. And there’s a new author I predict will be a huge success: William Kendall.

2. Mike asked, “After publishing 14 novels traditionally and making bestseller lists, what specifically was your ‘trigger’ to decide that you wanted to go Indie?”

Two major reasons. One was the freedom to write whatever I wanted. I have manuscripts tucked away that my publisher would not put under contract. I was known for writing big, glitzy novels, very popular in the eighties. I was actually told that they rejected one of my projects because the female protagonist “wasn’t glamorous.” I counted fifteen times in one manuscript where my editor asked, “What’s she wearing?” Research was a drag–I’m not into fashion. I don’t know Donna Karan from Kmart. And spending hours reading Town & Country was not my idea of fun.

The second issue was the phoniness of the business. Don’t get me wrong–the people I worked with directly were terrific. All of them. But publishing is a business in which your value as a person is directly tied to your sales figures. The more books you sold, the more they loved you. I knew one editor who was very friendly with myself and another author who was a good friend of mine–she’d once been my agent’s assistant. Maria warned me that this woman was not a real friend. I discovered Maria was right.

And it’s not just the publishing executives. Authors have been known to stab each other in the backs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that’s also true of some self-published authors. I suppose some people can play those games but I have no use for backstabbers or phonies. I tried to be something I wasn’t, and the results were a disaster.

3. You’re in the process of rewriting Chasing The Wind. April wanted to know, “What inspired your story of the book and its characters?”

In the spring of 1998, I saw a segment on a TV newsmagazine in which Bryant Gumbel talked to experts about the Shroud of Turin. In the interview, it was suggested that DNA from the Shroud could be used to clone Jesus Christ. That was the story I started off with–but it wasn’t working, and soon there were several books out there with the same premise, so I knew I had to take a different route. I stuck with cloning and genetic engineering, but went with something more closely resembling The Omen films.

4. Writing in the first person is my favourite way to write. I can “get” into the character easier. The original Chasing The Wind was written in the third person point of view. Why did you decide to rewrite it in multiple first person point of view?

I had never written a novel in first person and never thought I would–but my second self-published novel, Final Hours, needed to be written in first-person. I found I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want to write any other way. The beauty of self-publishing is that if you want to rework a book, you can–and I did.

5. Of your other works, what other rewrites have you considered?

Most of my future novels will be written in first person. As for the backlist, I’ll probably leave them as they are.

6. Karla asked, “I’m curious about Collin’s involvement in the book. How did that come about, and what role did he play? What was it like collaborating with your son?

Collin started off as my researcher. Then he helped develop the storylines. It’s a very different collaboration than the one I have with William, but collaborations often take different forms. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, authors of the Left Behind series, for example–LaHaye develops the story ideas and Jenkins does the actual writing.

7. Expanding on the above question, would you ever write another book with Collin?

I would, and I am!

8. Eve wanted to know, “How long have you been working on the rewrite of Chasing The Wind?

About a month.

9. You’re also in the process of a sequel to Chasing The Wind. Can you tell us about it?

The sequel is about a clone, Alex, who’s a brilliant artist but is tormented by terrifying visions that inspire his paintings. He’s a man who’s lived a solitary life because he feels he has to, once he learns the truth about his birth. The turning point in his life is meeting Robyn, who accepts the truth and loves him anyway.

Thank you, Norma, for stopping by. It has been a wonderful pleasure to have you visit my blog, and to do this interview for my friends and I. We look forward to the re-release of Chasing The Wind, as well as the release of Army Of Angels.


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Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth Kolodziej

     Bruno lit his cigarette for him, and Gordon exhaled, letting the plume of smoke swarm around his white mustache and beard. Quickly, Gordon’s expression of happiness faded as he sat down opposite me.

     He opened his mouth a little and licked his thin lips. “I dreamed of you last night, Trent, and I knew you would come to me with the questions you have.” His voice was raspy, yet a little high pitched, like a schoolgirl.

     I raised an eyebrow. “Did you see the past or the future in your dream?”

     “I saw what I think could be the future. A woman you are seeking is the key you have looked for, for so long.”

     This paranormal romance, written in multiple first person POV, is well written, action packed and difficult to put down. I happen to enjoy paranormal romances, and this one didn’t disappoint. The author left no stone unturned, proving that monsters like vampires and werewolves can co-exist, fighting with one another, and of course, loving the same girl.

     You might be thinking, “It’s another Twilight.” Not even close. While there are vampires and werewolves (sometimes fighting over the same girl), there’s something different about this one.

     Faith thinks she’s just an ordinary girl. She always has been. Until now, of course. Soon she discovers that she is something more. A lot more.

     Faith discovers that she is a witch. And, not just any witch, but the only witch left, a witch with a vampyre kiss that will have to go into battle against slayers and a hybrid.

     “I was…at the restaurant with my mother,” she said. I place one arm across the couch settling in because I knew women loved going into detail. “My father died a few years ago,” she continued, “and sometimes she acts like it doesn’t affect her. It bothers me when she does that, and we fight about it. I love my mother, but ever since my father died, she’s just so different, it’s like…” She paused as I listened to the lump in her throat growing. “It’s like…she doesn’t love me anymore.” Faith shook her head slowly. “Kind of an odd thing to say, huh?” She looked up at me expectantly, her green eyes melting into mine.

     Well, without giving anything away, Faith does have to go into battle. A fierce battle for the stolen blood gem that belongs to the vampires and the moon gem that belongs to the werewolves. It’s imperative that the vampires and werewolves get their rightful gems back. But first, she must be trained in all that is witch. She studies with a shapeshifter named Akilah. He teaches her the ins and outs of being a witch, along with the vampyress, Morgan, that gave her the vampyre kiss when she was a child. Together, they make Faith a gifted witch, one that is required to defeat the slayers in the big battle for the blood and moon gems.

     What are these gems, and why are they the center of this battle? Why is it imperative that they get them back? What happened between Faith’s mother and father? And, since this is a romance, which one will Faith choose? The vampire Trent, or the werewolf, Zou Tai?

     I enjoyed this book immensely, and will likely re-read it again. Why? For the loveable Volucris. What’s that, you ask? Ah, I’ll never tell. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

     I give this book 5 stars. A wonderful read that was hard to put down!



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Free Books!

     I’ve never done this before, other than to a few friends and that was giving it to them via emails. I never thought it possible before being published, that I would ever BE published. And, I never thought that I would meet an amazing bunch of people who have supported all my endeavours.

     But, I have.

     So, I bring to you a product code for a free book. It’s a YA Paranormal Romance that I wrote back in 2009. Here is the back cover synopsis for this book.

Eighteen year old RileyAbbott is about to meet the man from her past life dreams.

     Riley has been having some weirddreams lately. But, that’s nothing new. Riley already has some prettyweird traits—telekinesis, astral travel and mind-reading abilities,to name a few. But, her dreams are so real to her, that her handsache in the morning from pushing the heavy fruit cart down the pathto the marketplace in her dreams. She even feels the kisses of theman that’s in her dreams.
     Riley discovers that the dreams she isexperiencing are past life dreams. She begins to believe this whenshe goes to University, and she meets Michael, a guy that when shelooks into his eyes, she sees the man from her dreams, and she knowsthey have to be together. As their young love blooms, her dreamsreveal to her that Michael could be in danger.


     When another mind-reader, Brenda, won’tleave him alone, and threatens the lives of both Riley and Michael,Riley vows to do anything to keep him alive.
     This book is available at and it’s also available at Just type in my name or the name of the book at either site and the book will come up.
     However, for a limited time, it will be available for free download at Smashwords. You’ll need the product coupon code which is: DZ23D
     Bestselling Author, Norma Beishir is also giving away a couple of books at Smashwords. Her books are amazing…and well, she’s a bestselling author! They should be amazing!

     In the wake of her newest novel’s release, “Army Of Angel’s”, she is giving away the first book in the series called, “Chasing The Wind.” If you would like to get this book, it is also available at Amazon but is free at Smashwords. The product coupon code is: PP77S

     Norma is also graciously giving away a copy of one of my favourite books of hers called, “Final Hours.” The product coupon code is: AK29L

     If you would like to see what these books are about and to download them for free, please visit and use these promotional product coupon codes. They are well worth it!

     Also, for all three books, if you do download them, could you please leave a review for each? The author’s would definitely appreciate that!



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