Review and Promotion~Don’t Go There by Rob Blogger

     Don’t let the picture fool ya. This is actually a good light read.
     Don’t Go There is done in Rob’s classic form of ‘brow beat’ humour. He rates 10 countries in the hopes of finding somewhere that he and his girlfriend can go for vacation. It’s not an easy process. But, Rob plugs along…kind of like that train in Switzerland.
     Let’s move on.
     He states a lot of good things about each country, but it seems the bad things outweigh the good things. For instance, he gave a -1,000,000 to Mexico because of it’s crime rate and their lack of caring about said crime rate. He figures that if they got rid of the pinata, maybe the children of Mexico wouldn’t grow up to be so mean and heartless.
     He akins Russia to a fat woman who is bi-polar, has a temper and a dry interior with an extensive coastline. Of course, the Russian’s invented vodka and they say “dah”. What’s not to love?
     I particularly liked his facts about Greece. He compares Ouzo to Buckley’s cough medicine. I’ve smelled both and I believe that observation to be correct. Although, as a Canadian mother, I have never given my child Buckley’s just to test her resolve.
     Sweden has the Ice Hotel, Australia was originally discovered by the Dutch in 1606, but they didn’t like it and Canada just wants to be the United States.
     Did Rob and his girlfriend ever come up with a place that they might like to vacation in? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.
     This book was extremely funny and entertaining. It’s akin to my husbands kind of humour. That’s probably why I like Rob’s blogs that he comes up with. I’m used to it.
     You can buy Rob’s book from his blog site at this address 
     I give this book 5 stars.


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9 responses to “Review and Promotion~Don’t Go There by Rob Blogger

  1. I'll add it to my list. May I suggest eurailing. You get to see lots of countries, with the added benefit of sitting next to an overweight German woman who smells of bratwurst. Good times!

  2. He's on my list to read and review, too. Get in my line Rob…your number 4 on my list.

  3. Oh, and Beth..very nice review. Now following this.

  4. Rob

    What a great review!I might be a little biased though!Thank you for the plug!

  5. Great Beth! Sounds like a NY TIMES bestseller.Does Oprah know about this?

  6. @Karla-that would be good times. I can see it now. Now, it would probably be blinding…@Shelly-thanks!@Rob-see, I know about Shameless self-promotion…ask, and you shall receive!@Eve-I'm not sure…contact her and find out!

  7. Canada wants to be the United States? Why, for God's sake?

  8. Our PM does, but not the rest of us!

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