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The Unicorn’s Daughter By Norma Beishir

She repeated the question. “How did my father die?”

“He was killed in France–where, I’m not absolutely certain–in 1975,” he told her. “I don’t have all the details, but apparently his cover was blown, and he was eliminated by a hostile agent. He was buried in a cemetery in Nice.” He paused. “I know this is hard for you, sweetheart, but there’s nothing you can do about it now. You’ve got to put it all behind you and–“. He stopped short.

Jaime, lying against his chest, could feel his sharp intake of breath. “And get on with my life,” she finished the sentence for him.


“I can’t,” she said quietly. “Not yet.”

This is a story of intrigue, romance, suspense and love; the love between a father and daughter. This book is full of twists and turns with an unexpected villian. Formally called, “A Time For Legends”, a title that the author didn’t choose and didn’t want, now has it listed as The Unicorn’s Daughter, a title that I think is more fitting anyway.

James Lynde is a war veteran turned spy with the CIA. Code name: Unicorn. After the war is over, James decides to find himself a wife and job so that he can appear “normal” without blowing his cover as a continued spy. He marries the boss’ daughter and gets the cover that he so desperately needs, appearing a normal, up-standing member of society with a job, wife and home.

However, he doesn’t love his wife. Through the loveless marriage comes a daughter named Jaime. As most little girls do, she is wrapped around his finger tightly right from the very beginning.

While James is off doing some spy stuff, Jaime’s mother dies, killing herself because of her loneliness, her knowledge that James had never loved her. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, Jaime soon is told that her father has died, too.

As strangers posing as relatives come to claim Jaime, to raise her, Jaime continues to have questions. Questions that she won’t rest unitl she finds the answers to.

There is also a romantic element to this book as well. Jaime meets a man by the name of Nicholas, who works for the American Embassy. He falls firmly in love with Jaime, but she’s having committment issues. Tickling at the back of her mind is the whereabouts of her father. When she finds cards and packages with a postal date after his disappearance, her quest begins.

Stepping into the shower, he was immediately invigorated by the force of the warm water pounding against his flesh…or was it the thought of last night, of the way they’d come together so eagerly, that exhilarated him? She’d told him she loved him. He believed she’d meant it. He knew he loved her. He as ready to make a commitment to her, right here and now. If only she were as willing. Even as she’d told him she loved him, she kept saying “no promises.” Why? Why did it all have to be so complicated? He didn’t have any answers. He only knew he couldn’t give up on her now if he tried.

She was in his blood.

Jaime’s been betrayed by those she trusted and used by the man she loved. Now that she has Nicholas, will she ever be able to make a commitment? Will Jaime find the answers she’s looking for? Will she find her father? And, if she does find him, what kind of a reunion will they have?  Set over several decades, and several different countries, this book will have you wanting–no, needing–to find out the answers.

This was a great read from a book published a long time ago. With a new title and a fresh new cover, I’ll bet this book is better than the original, just because of those two elements. I give this book 5 stars!!



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