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“Final Hours”, By Norma Beishir, Is Free This Week Only!

Bestselling author, Norma Beishir, has her novel, “Final Hours”, up for free this week only at Amazon. It’s a great romance, a love story that will make you realize what real love is all about.

I read this book when I first met Norma over a year ago. It was my favourite novel, a read that was hard to put down. I just felt so much for the characters. Of course, I think I also liked this book so much because it was written in the first person, in the main male character’s POV. It was easy to get into his head and feel what he was feeling.

So, since Norma has this book up for free this week, I thought I would dig up the old review I did of the book to show some of my new followers. Then, while you’re on the computer, and it’s fresh in your mind, head on over to Amazon and get your free copy!

Final Hours is about what you would do if you only had a few hours to live. How, and with whom, would you spend that time?

     Jamie Randall, a young, early thirties successful business man has been living a lie. A lie he thought he could have been out of by now. He’s living a life as a husband to a woman that he doesn’t love, having been trapped in the loveless marriage by her getting pregnant. His motivation for marrying her was for business purposes only. But, when she had the twin boys, he knew he couldn’t leave her. He loved his boys.

     On a business trip to Rome, an earthquake occurs, causing the underground parking lot of the hotel that he owns, to collapse. With a broken leg, crushed by a piece of concrete, he yells for help. That’s when he meets nature photographer, Kate.

     Maybe it was her beauty, or maybe it was his pain, but he instantly falls in love with her. He’s never cheated on his wife before, but suddenly, he wants to be with this woman. She is beautiful and kind, helping him stay alive. But, it’s more than that.

     And, so begins a love affair that spans 14 years, and from the beginning of the book to the end, their love grows.

     This is a book that will make you smile, laugh and cry. There is even one shocking element you find out at the end of the book. I wrote in my review on Amazon, that you know when a book is good when you can’t put it down. This was that book.

You can find Final Hours at this link. Go get your free copy today!



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An Interview By Brian Feinblum, And Good News About My Free Book!!

First off, I just have to say….WOW!! My fantasy romance novel, “The Bracelet” hit #1 in it’s category and as low as #40 in overall free Kindle books…That’s incredible! I couldn’t believe how well it did, and how well it still is doing.

Recently I was contacted through LinkedIn by Brian Feinblum. He is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Planned Television Arts. His website is You’ll have to check it out.

He has a blog called, Book Marketing Buzz Blog. ( His blog introduction line is that his blog is a unique blog dedicated to covering the worlds of book publishing and the news media, revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions. Along the way, discover savvy but entertaining insights on book marketing, public relations, branding, and advertising from a veteran of two decades in the industry of book publishing publicity and marketing

He asked if he could do an interview with me. I told him he could and I asked him if it would be ok if I linked his blog with my blog, showcasing the interview. So, here it is.

Interview With Romantic Comedy Author Beth Muscat 
1.      What is your latest book about? Everyone has bad days once in awhile. My characters have the worst day, a bad day. It’s a romantic comedy aptly called, “Bad Day”, and it takes place over one day. It features four main characters, and showcases the fears, triumphs, bad and good memories and everything in between that can happen over one day.
2.      What inspired you to write it? I’m a multi-genre writer, and I like humor. I thought I would try something new with a romantic comedy. As to what inspired me to write it, as I said, everyone has bad days.
3.      What do you feel your readers want or expect when they read your books? I think what any reader of a book wants: A story that is interesting and flows well, with interesting characters, edited for spelling/grammar mistakes and easy to read and understand. I write in multiple first person POV, so my readers need my writing to be easily understood as to who is thinking/feeling/speaking at that time.
4.      What do you love most about being a published author? I think what I love best about being a published author is that I was able to share with the world my thoughts and feelings through some awesome characters. I met some terrific people online who showed me a way to get my works out there for others to read through self-publishing. If I can entertain or take a person to another world and introduce them to some wonderful characters, then I think I’ve done my job. And, I like to see my name on the book. That might be kind of vain, but it’s also kind of neat.
5.      Do you have any advice to a struggling writer? Read, read, read. Find a genre that you enjoy and lose yourself in it. I read a novel by L. J. Smith called “Dark Visions”, and it inspired me to write a paranormal romance. Draw inspiration from watching people and even from your own experiences. Take writing courses and read some “how-to” books–although, they can be contradictory, so limit how many you read to just one or two. Most of all, write how you want to write. Write about what makes you feel good. When I first started out, I was afraid to show my works to family and friends for fear that they would laugh at what I’d written. But, let them read it and critique it for you. What might sound right to you, might be interpreted differently by someone else. They might be able to suggest a different way of writing it to make it flow better. Just write. Write about anything–I recently entered a short story contest using some writing prompts I found online. But, most importantly, just write.
6.      Where do you see the book publishing industry heading? I think the book publishing industry is headed almost completely in the self-publishing direction. So many people have such excellent writing out there, and yet, can’t find an agent or publisher to take them on. This is a tough industry to get into that way. However, with self-publishing, it has taken me to places I never thought I would go to (online), and I’ve met some incredible people along the way (online). They’ve shown me a world where I can get my works to a great amount of people, instead of my novels being stuck on my computer for no one to see. Self-publishing means I have creative control over my works, and I can earn more. But, self-publishing doesn’t mean you can skimp on editing, the use of beta-readers and great writing. Those things are probably even more important in self-publishing than in traditional publishing.
*Brian Feinblum’s views, opinions, and ideas expressed in this blog are his alone and not that of his employer. You can follow him on Twitter @theprexpert and email him at He feels more important when discussed in the third-person.


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The Bracelet Hits #2!

Ok, so it didn’t hit #1 (not that I know of) and it’s free…so, I didn’t make any money on it, however…according to my sources, it does make it a “BESTSELLER”!!!

It’s free this week at Amazon, so grab your copy today if you haven’t already! You only have until Saturday to get your free copy, so you should do it today in case you happen to forget before then.

Here is the link where you can purchase your “free” copy and read a little more about the book. Also, check out the reviews!


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Review: Banshee In The Well By Robin Lovejoy

Sathra watched as he turned the handle two or three times, raising the bucket to head height. Then Niall grabbed the metal grille and heaved it onto the top of the circular wall. He put both padlocks in place, clicked them shut and picked up the bunch of keys.

Sathra ran the tip of her index finger along the dagger-sharp edge of her thumbnail. She wasn’t sure what to make of this boy in strange clothing, his nose freckled, his hair untidy and fair.

He seems very friendly, she thought. Such a pity I have to kill him.

This young adult book is one that anyone of any age could read and enjoy, but it’s truly meant for the young teen population.

Niall is by himself in the house when he hears something so loud that he has to go out to investigate. Inside the abandoned and locked well in the yard is a girl. He wonders how she got in there.

Sathra is a girl from the thirteenth century, who created a spell but the spell went wrong. Instead of going to a different place, she went to a different time.

Niall hides her away in the barn, but she really needs to get back to her own time. She finds out that Niall is twelve, the same age as herself. She needs Niall to get back to her own time, except, he doesn’t know that his death is the way to get her back. She is a Banshee, not the dryad that she tells him she is.

Althought I thought maybe Niall and Sathra would form some kind of friendship, her Banshee background forbids that. She does come to care a little for Niall, but when push comes to shove, she needs him to get back to her own time. She tries to use other twelve year old boys, but it just never seems to work out.

She must lure the boy to the ring of the Thirteen Dancers, a bunch of rocks that are placed in a circle. But, the boy must enter the ring willingly. Then she could kill him and regain her magical powers to get herself back to the 13 century.

I can’t give away the ending, but let’s just say, I think there will be subsequent books about Sathra.

It was a fun and fast read, the writing is exceptional, and I give this book 5 stars. Kids of all ages (and that includes the big kids) will enjoy this book.


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An Interview With Mike Saxton, Author Of 7 Scorpions: Revolution

Recently I did a review of Mike Saxton’s book, 7 Scorpions: Revolution. You can read it here at my blog (, or at Amazon.

I wanted to interview Mike because he’s not only a friend, but a fellow self-published author. Mike is very intelligent…maybe a bit too intelligent. He plans on taking over the world! :o) That’s not an easy feat when you’re trying to get your PhD, and also away from your family.

So, without further ado, here is my interview with bestselling novelist, Mike Saxton!

1. You’re going to school to get your PhD and you have a young family. You’ve just recently moved to a new State, and you’ve been separated (due to the move) from your family. How do you find the time to write?
Lots of caffeine. It extends the day. Of course, it shortens sleep which can lead to insanity but since I’m already insane (and only insane people attempt a PhD), that shouldn’t be a problem.
2. You’re an avid reader of a multitude of genres. Not only that, but you also write reviews for these books. What is something that you like to do besides reading and writing?
It’s interesting you ask this. I originally intended writing to be a hobby. I debated for awhile whether I would even publish or not. I decided to go ahead and publish it to see what would happen. I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met so many cool people. Besides, it’s been a lifelong dream to hold these books in my hands and I have one more . . .
3. You’re a published author with a small press for 7 Scorpions: Rebellion, but with your latest book, 7 Scorpions: Revolution, you decided to go Indie. What convinced you to change?
In short: control. I have spent years on the trilogy. I want it to be the best it can be. Already, I’ve had reviewers comment on the change in the writing style (for the better). Since I now have full control over the process, I put it through a much more rigorous set of revisions and edits than a small press could do. Matter of fact, I am going back and putting Rebellion through this rigor, to give it some edits and at least attempt to bring it up to par with Revolution. I am also keeping in mind, however, that it is not messed up. It won awards and became a bestseller, so I must have done at least a little something right, and I don’t want to lose that in the revision, which is why I have gotten some people to help me out with it.
4. You’ve mentioned before that your novels are based on lucid dreams. Have you got ideas for further works that have come from other lucid dreams?
Believe it or not, dreams haven’t inspired any other writing from me. It’s strange. It’s almost like I was getting a message for 7 Scorpions. I have some whacked out dreams still, but nothing that I could compile into a novel, although a few later dreams were able to be adapted for me to add some parts to Revolution. Right now, after Retribution is done, the only writing I’ll be doing for awhile is doctoral (provided I make it to the dissertation).
5. 7 Scorpions: Rebellion was quite graphic, with the antagonist Zodiac blowing up major cities all over the world and killing innocent people because of their choices. How does the second book in the series differ from the first?
The first book takes place about 5 months after the flash storm. The post-apocalyptic setting is still new to the survivors, who have no organization. When book 2 comes around, we have flashed forward a little more than a year and a half, right around the second anniversary of the Flash Storm. At this point, relationships between the characters have developed and flourished. There is also an organized rebellion (well, sort of organized). We also see Zodiac pushing forward with his mysterious “Final Solution” (yes, he stole that title from Hitler).
6. What kind of support system do you have?
Fortunately, I have been blessed with a great support system. Several fellow authors (including you 🙂 ), have been great. This is a tough field and it’s nice to have the confidence and friendship of fellow authors who are dealing with the same thing. I am also fortunate to have family and friends who are great for editing, graphic design, and other things and have been thrilled to lend a hand.
7. You’ve mentioned being dyslexic. Does that hinder your writing? How have you overcome it?
Fortunately, I’m far from the worst end of the scale with dyslexia but it slows me down with both reading and writing. Over the years, I have learned where I start flipping and confusing words (believe it or not, the words “said” and “and” are problematic for me) so I can deal with it. Grammar check, spell check, editors, and proof readers are a must for me, possibly more so than other authors. I had a total of 7 people help me with the edits and proof reading on 7 Scorpions: Revolution.
8. What else would you be doing if you couldn’t write? Why?
Now there’s an interesting one. I’d probably get more schoolwork done. 🙂
If I couldn’t write, I’d probably be spending more training mastering the Dark Side of the force through various Sith Holocrons. After all, I’m going to rule the world!
Of course you would, Mike! We expect it and will probably be disappointed if doesn’t happen…
Thank you, Mike, for giving me some candid answers and being entertaining at the same time. I do appreciate all that you’ve done for me as well.


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Review: 7 Scorpions: Revolution By Mike Saxton

Zodiac stood in his empty tower room, overlooking his massive Ziggurat. The solar panels glistened in the sunlight. Not all of them were connected yet, but it was getting there. With his helmet still removed, he took a moment to glance to his side where the body of Ty Wolrick lay. The man had sandy colored hair. He’d been thin, but toned. His final expression of complete dread was frozen on his face, eyes still open and dried blood trails from his nose and ears wrapped up the eerie package. He had not yet called the seekers into dispose of the body. Instead, he looked back through the window, and his mind trailed back to his childhood…

As the school bus came to a stop, the Fat-boy…

This is the second book in Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpion’s series, and just as scary and horrific as the first, but also different from the first.

If you remember in the first novel, Zodiac set off a fire storm through out the world, setting off bombs that leveled cities and killing millions…all on the same day! The first book was riddled with mass killings of people, while others were lobotomized to become Seekers; those that would hunt down the living and be rid of them for good, or to be captured to make more Seekers.

Of course, there has to be a good guy. That would be Night Viper…or rather, Vincent Black. He has super-human strength, and is out to find Zodiac. He has the help of some of the few humans that managed to survive the fire storm. Although not used to bonding, he considers them friends…even from a distance, and will help them in any way he can to keep them alive.

In this book, I found it differed from the first in that the author showed us how each character had become the way they were, giving us memories of when they had been children, or something from their past…an event in their lives that made them who they had become. Life shapes us from our childhoods onward, and if we had a crappy childhood, sometimes you take that with you. Zodiac was taunted as a child, therefore, when he became an adult, he held that grudge. Except that he took his rebellion a little too far.

Night Viper himself had done things that he wasn’t proud of. Those memories tormented him. But for him, those things had to be done to get him that much closer to Zodiac.

A tingle traveled down Vincent’s spine as he saw the sign that read, “Welcome to Manchester”. The last time he had come to this town was the same day he had met Talbot, Andromeda, Josh and Lexi. He had come to verify that the life he had known, the life prior to becoming the vigilante Night Viper, was truly dead.

Although a loner at heart, Vincent has formed relationships and friendships with the rebels that he has met. He’s helped them, kept them safe, and has realized that there is more to this life than just killing Zodiac (although that is priority number one).

The general was on his feet again in time to see Amanda charging at him. She was not backing off. She tackled him to the floor again with a momentum that sent them both rolling. He managed to maneuver himself on top and pinned her arms.

“You fight with a passion I never saw in you before. Think about what you could have done with us. You would be seated beside the true ruler. You would have ultimate power,” Callous said.

Amanda grunted. “You think you have power? You’re nothing more than his puppet! We all were.”

Callous shook his head as he leaned closer. “So short sighted, and here I thought you had the worldliest view of all the commanders.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, ” Amanda stated as she delivered a head butt to her opponent’s unprotected face, shattering his nose and sending him recoiling off her.

But wait!!! There’s a surprise at the end, one that I wasn’t expecting. I can’t tell you what it is, but you will see how it will lead into the third book. Vincent finds out something about himself, something so horrific, that even he has a hard time believing it.

This trilogy series is a scary one in that it actually could happen, but this one had a bit more emotion to it…teamwork grew into friendships and friendships grew into relationships. Yes, the death and killings continue, and will likely not let up until Zodiac is killed in the third book (let’s hope he’s killed, anyway), but this book showed a different side. A side with some hope attached.

Saxton’s use of the written word seemed different this time from the first novel. Just by reading it, it’s like the author grew in his own writing. Although this series scares me half to death because, as I mentioned, this sort of thing could happen, I actually enjoyed this novel, I think because of the growing relationships and friendships.

I give this book 5 stars!

Look for an upcoming interview with Mike Saxton in the near future right here at reviews and promotions!


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