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Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth Kolodziej

     Bruno lit his cigarette for him, and Gordon exhaled, letting the plume of smoke swarm around his white mustache and beard. Quickly, Gordon’s expression of happiness faded as he sat down opposite me.

     He opened his mouth a little and licked his thin lips. “I dreamed of you last night, Trent, and I knew you would come to me with the questions you have.” His voice was raspy, yet a little high pitched, like a schoolgirl.

     I raised an eyebrow. “Did you see the past or the future in your dream?”

     “I saw what I think could be the future. A woman you are seeking is the key you have looked for, for so long.”

     This paranormal romance, written in multiple first person POV, is well written, action packed and difficult to put down. I happen to enjoy paranormal romances, and this one didn’t disappoint. The author left no stone unturned, proving that monsters like vampires and werewolves can co-exist, fighting with one another, and of course, loving the same girl.

     You might be thinking, “It’s another Twilight.” Not even close. While there are vampires and werewolves (sometimes fighting over the same girl), there’s something different about this one.

     Faith thinks she’s just an ordinary girl. She always has been. Until now, of course. Soon she discovers that she is something more. A lot more.

     Faith discovers that she is a witch. And, not just any witch, but the only witch left, a witch with a vampyre kiss that will have to go into battle against slayers and a hybrid.

     “I was…at the restaurant with my mother,” she said. I place one arm across the couch settling in because I knew women loved going into detail. “My father died a few years ago,” she continued, “and sometimes she acts like it doesn’t affect her. It bothers me when she does that, and we fight about it. I love my mother, but ever since my father died, she’s just so different, it’s like…” She paused as I listened to the lump in her throat growing. “It’s like…she doesn’t love me anymore.” Faith shook her head slowly. “Kind of an odd thing to say, huh?” She looked up at me expectantly, her green eyes melting into mine.

     Well, without giving anything away, Faith does have to go into battle. A fierce battle for the stolen blood gem that belongs to the vampires and the moon gem that belongs to the werewolves. It’s imperative that the vampires and werewolves get their rightful gems back. But first, she must be trained in all that is witch. She studies with a shapeshifter named Akilah. He teaches her the ins and outs of being a witch, along with the vampyress, Morgan, that gave her the vampyre kiss when she was a child. Together, they make Faith a gifted witch, one that is required to defeat the slayers in the big battle for the blood and moon gems.

     What are these gems, and why are they the center of this battle? Why is it imperative that they get them back? What happened between Faith’s mother and father? And, since this is a romance, which one will Faith choose? The vampire Trent, or the werewolf, Zou Tai?

     I enjoyed this book immensely, and will likely re-read it again. Why? For the loveable Volucris. What’s that, you ask? Ah, I’ll never tell. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

     I give this book 5 stars. A wonderful read that was hard to put down!




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