Penniless Hearts By Eve Gaal

51ohNS1M+5L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_“Penny,” he repeated, ignoring her comment about being dependable. “I’ll level with you. I’m just flying through and I don’t know anyone.” The rain started to subside. “I’m lonely for company and I’m going back to Pittsburgh in a week. After I fly to Honolulu, they told me I could fly to any other island and stay on the company dime at any property of my choice.” Slowly his facial features morphed into those of a droopy, sad-eyed dog at the pound, before continuing with, “and a whole week alone in Hawaii sounds like hell.”

Blinking away his puppy-like stare, she had to get a hold of herself–maybe he thought she was born yesterday.

“I doubt you’ll be alone for long,” she said with a trace of sarcasm. Holding the two plastic bags with his purchases in one hand, he put his other hand over his heart, and looking quite dismayed, said, “Ouch, that hurt, but you’re probably right.” Then he pursed his lips and made a funny frown that made her struggling butterfly leap into orbit. “I’m not very good at being alone and from what I can tell,” He looked her in the eyes, “I’m not very good at repairing windshield wipers either.” At which, they both burst into laughter–it all sounded so…so honest. Standing up, he brushed the dust and water off his right sleeve before leaning across the open driver’s side door.

Hastily, she got in and looked up at Captain Dan Losegg before saying, “It was nice meeting you but I really have to go now.”

Hating rejection, he grabbed her door,

“Wait, Penny, will you at least have dinner with me?” Smiling and waving goodbye, she gently backed out of the parking space, while Dan kept staring and his eyes kept pleading. “How can I reach you?” Desperation made him sound pathetic. Like someone about to be fired, someone left in the desert without water or a helpless lost soul. She waved again and rolled down her window.

“I work at the Daily Globe, bye.” She accelerated and zoomed out of the parking lot into the street, splashing water onto her windshield and wondering why she told him where she worked.

Penny is at a crossroads. She loves her boyfriend, John, but does she really? Penny is in a rut of sorts, wanting more than just to settle down. He wants a quiet, predictable lifestyle. She wants adventure. Even though she just met this guy, she decides to meet up with Dan, the pilot.

Except, Dan isn’t all that he says he is. He might be lonely, but he’s got a wife. Being the wife of a pilot isn’t easy since he’s gone so much of the year, so she decides to meet up with him in Hawaii.

John loves Penny more than anything and with Penny’s father in tow, he decides to go to Hawaii to look for her, to bring her back to reality. Then there’s Tina who works with Penny at the Globe. She ends up in Hawaii, too.

Through many adventures, from finding out that the man she came to Hawaii to be with was actually married, to being stranded on another island with no money and no one to help her, Penny goes through some harrowing mishaps, like a botched drug deal with hostages. She also meets some wonderful people along the way, ones that help her when no one else will, and in turn, she ends up helping too.

Will John, her father and Tina find her after all the problems Penny encounters? Will Penny want John after all this? I mean, she did run away so she could have adventures.

Penniless Hearts is a heart-warming story of friendship and love. Maybe it took a few near-death experiences to make Penny see what she needed to see.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. 5 stars!



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7 responses to “Penniless Hearts By Eve Gaal

  1. Excellent review, as always. It sounds like such a fun read.

  2. Thank you, Donna. It was a nice adventurous, romantic read. I enjoyed it.

  3. Aw shucks Beth I really enjoyed this review of Penniless Hearts. Thanks so much for sharing it and for being so kind.

  4. Wonderful review, Beth. Penniless Hearts was indeed a fun read.

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