Single And Searching By Rita Herron

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Casey McIntyre is a young mother of a two year old, Henry S., who is fighting for her right to custody of the child from the kid’s father, Travis Satterfield. Casey is also a bestselling author of some children’s books.

Gabe Thornton is a reporter who has been chasing this story, The Alphabet Thief, who enters people’s homes, steals their electronic wares and leaves behind one of those plastic magnetic alphabet letters that every home with a child has for the fridge, as a calling card, so to speak. As part of his job, he was running through the “Single and Searching” ads for another article, when he comes across the ad using every letter of the alphabet. He wondered if there was a correlation between the alphabet ad and the alphabet thief.

When he gets to her house for the date, he’s an hour early due to the time change (he was on a business trip), she thinks by the way he’s dressed that he must be the plumber that has come to fix her toilet (Henry S. flushed neon green condoms (balloons) down it), she has orange and purple koolaid in her hair (courtesy of Henry S.), and her house is in disarray with toys and art supplies everywhere. Gabe thinks a bomb must have gone off in her house because there is hardly a place to walk. This is hardly the kind of woman that he would seek out. While she is getting ready, he fixes her toilet, but slips away, standing her up.

The next morning she reads the article that he has written, slandering her good name because of his first impressions of her. She, and her house, were a mess, so therefore, she must be brainless and certainly not good dating material. When she realizes that the plumber had actually been her date that stood her up, she decides to get revenge. She decides to show him exactly what he would have missed if he had showed up for the date.

And, the plan works…well, maybe it works just a little too well…because there is sexual tension firing in all directions for both of them.

But what secrets is Casey holding back from Gabe? Does she have something to do with the alphabet thefts? Casey has quite the past, and she isn’t sure if Gabe would be able to handle her few minor shortcomings from long ago. And, what of Henry S.’ father? How does he figure into all of this? You’ll have to get this one to find out.

I loved this book! The sexual tension was at its highest, and I couldn’t help but root for Casey and for Gabe. Gabe is the hunky guy who doesn’t just think of himself, but thinks of others…well, he does when he meets Casey. He’s the kind of guy that any girl would be lucky to go out with. He understands Casey, even if she doesn’t fit the profile of what he thought he considered the “perfect woman.” Casey soon realizes that even though he may have gotten a wrong first impression of her, he appreciates those shortcomings and tries to make up for all the hurts that have happened to her in the past.

If you love romance, this is the book for you…with a sprinkling of humour mixed in, you can’t go wrong.

5 stars!



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6 responses to “Single And Searching By Rita Herron

  1. The Desert Rocks

    Sounds wonderful Beth. Nice review too. I’m sure everyone will want to read this after they find out about it here!

  2. dm yates

    Sounds like a real cute story. What a beginning for those two.

  3. I read one of Rita Herron’s other books (and reviewed it…Husband Hunting 101), and really enjoyed it. Both were great stories…

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