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blog-hop-tag-3001Thanks so much to Joleene Naylor for hosting this Blog Hop! I’m so glad to have been asked to join in!!

My blog is a review blog. I’ve been reviewing for over a year now, but only did it sporadically. In the past 6 months, due to another issue, I gave writing a break and decided to read a lot of books…some way out of my genre and not necessarily something I like to read, while others were exactly what I like to read. I’ll read just about anything as long as it’s well written. But, then again, I’ve read some well written works, but just couldn’t get into the story. Of course, reviews are just one person’s opinion out of many.

One thing about reviews is that they really do help people to buy (or not) a book. You don’t have to leave a long, very detailed review, but even if you leave just a few lines voicing your opinion, it might be just enough to get someone to buy that book (or not).

Not leaving a review for a book that you’ve read is like leaving a 1 star review even though you liked it. So, get out there and write a review for the last book you just read!

I thought I would leave links to some of my most favourite books that I’ve reviewed this year. There’ve been quite a few, but I’ll try to limit them. You, of course, can go back and read as many as you like. While I do seem to leave a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews because the books were good and well written/read, I do give some 1 and 2 star reviews as well. For the purpose of this blog though, I’m going to just post the 5 stars reviews.

One of my most favourite books I read this year is in a genre that I don’t normally like to read…but this one was so excellent, it shouldn’t be missed. It’s in the horror/thriller category and is called WISHBONE by Brooklyn Hudson. With this book, be careful what you wish for. http://wp.me/p26uaB-4j

The next book is a different style ghost story…Poor Midnight Merlot isn’t sure how he became a ghost, or what he should do now that he is. Author Tom Conrad has a way with the humour, and you’ll love how wonderfully well written it is. Maybe it’s the British humour that I love, but this is still my favourite of this author. RICH PICKINGS FOR RAVENS by Tom Conrad is a must read if you like to chuckle. http://wp.me/p26uaB-39

FALLING FOR RAIN by Janice Kirk and Gina Buonaguro is a contemporary romance that I absolutely loved. It had so much sexual tension in it, that I thought I would explode if the two main characters didn’t get together. This is the sort of book that anyone could enjoy, well…that’s if you love romance. http://wp.me/p26uaB-2E

The next book is actually more of a novella, only written in a diary format. 100 UNFORTUNATE DAYS by Penelope Crowe will delve into your mind, seeking those dark recesses. Not only did she get into my head with this story, I found myself thinking, “Yeah, I’ve thought that exact same thing!” http://wp.me/p26uaB-7v

Have you ever wondered why men and women don’t always understand each other? WHY MEN ARE FROM EARTH AND WOMEN ARE NOT FROM VENUS by Mark Laverdiere is a fun book that everyone can enjoy…and should not be missed if you want to know how to get your guy to relate to you the way you want them to. http://wp.me/p26uaB-79

I think the best contemporary romance book I’ve read this year was called DATING A COUGAR (Never Too Late series) by Donna McDonald. Of course, just as the title says, it’s about a older woman/younger man…and the sparks fly from the very first chapter. Can we say, sexual tension?? There was tons of it in this book. If you’re looking for a great read, this is it!! http://wp.me/p26uaB-6n

And, ok, I’m going to toot my own horn just a little…I also have several books out, and one is by my pseudonym, Devon Cooper. It’s a romantic comedy novel called BAD DAY that anyone can enjoy, and I would love it if you could get it and read it…maybe leave me a wonderful little review as well…! http://www.amazon.com/Bad-Day-Romantic-Comedy-ebook/dp/B0081IOLHQ/ref=sr_1_1_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1359920559&sr=1-1&keywords=devon+cooper

I also have a sweet paranormal romance called REMEMBER THE EYES, only it is by me, Beth Muscat. It is the first of three novels with the same characters and is my absolute favourite of all that I’ve written…I think it’s because there is so much of me in that book series. You can also find it at Amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/Remember-Eyes-Your-Novel-ebook/dp/B004W3VYCE/ref=sr_1_1_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1359921376&sr=1-1&keywords=beth+muscat

Feel free to browse around my blog, and hopefully you’ll find some books that appeal to you! And remember, if you buy a book, leave a review for the author. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ve enjoyed having you!

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18 responses to “I <3 Books Blog Hop

  1. Thanks Beth! Thrilled to be on your list with a such a great group. I’ll see if I can help with that link…

    • Thanks so much for the help…and of course, you’re very welcome. 100 Unfortunate Days was so unique and dark…and, as I’ve said before, you got inside my head with that one. Loved it!

      Readers, it’s not one to be missed!

  2. Thank you, Beth; I’m honored! Great list, BTW!


    • Glad you could stop by, Brooklyn.

      It’s a short one list…because there were so many great books that I read in the past few months, but I couldn’t list them all here. But, along with the good, a little bad must also fall…and there were a few that fell short.

      And, you should be honoured because your book was one of the best ones I’ve read in a very long time!!

  3. You always write such insightful reviews. Nice to pop in and say Hi as part of the blog hop. Hope things are going well for you and yours. It’s been too long.

  4. Great selections here – more than one that I need to add to by tbr list – I just finished Bad Day today btw – great ending! (won’t say more right now – spoilers and all) but will get that review out tomorrow I hope ;D I’ve been thinking of starting a review blog myself, or maybe just posting them on my personal blog since it’s been sitting empty for a year it sees, LOL!

    Thanks so much for joining the hop!

    • Thanks Joleene! You would definitely appreciate the darker stories I have listed here…

      As for the review blog, you should, especially if you have a blog you’re not using. I have sort of abandoned a few of my blogs, mainly because it was the same thing, week-after-week…and I was getting bored with them. But, reviews are always different! Go for it!!

  5. I’be got all these on my Kindle, waiting.
    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Hope I can comment now. Great reviews Beth like always.

  7. dm yates

    All those books sound like a good read. I visit many reviewer blogs. It does help me to choose books.

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  9. abutcherswife

    I agree it’s important to leave reviews. I’m not much of a five star giver myself and I feel mean when I see others do give them five stars. I guess using a rating system is subjective too. Thanks for sharing this list, it helps when deciding what to read.

    • Reviews are very subjective…but, it’s like getting a report card. If the teacher just said that the child was a good kid, but didn’t list the childs skills, then you’d be leary about the success or failure of your child. Same with a review. I think they do need a star rating…just my opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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