Worse By A. M. Sawyer

“You have done too much! Hurt too many!” Mr. Telters shouts out, “I’m your last chance to change! There won’t be another!”

With the help of three guards, Jacob is finally able to free himself from the powerful grip. Watching as the security guards pull Mr. Telters out by the arms, the young mogul can’t help to remember those words. My last chance? Yup, he’s gone off the deep end.

Have you ever had one of those days where absolutely nothing is going for you? Well, times that by a thousand for Jacob Sturgen, a real estate business owner who loves to personally evict people who are behind on their mortgage payments.

Mr. Telters is four months behind in his payments and when Jacob tells him of his fate to be homeless on the streets, Mr. Telters tells him that he is his last chance. Last chance for what?

As Mr. Telters threatens Jacob, Jacob has his security guards throw him out of his very cramped office. But, on the way out of the office, Mr. Telters starts to convulse and dies in the office.

Well, this is nothing new for Jacob…he’s had someone else, a little old lady die in his office before. But what happens next surprises him. His entire staff desert him, quitting their jobs with this awful man.

What is even more surprising to Jacob is that everywhere that he goes, he sees Mr. Telters. He believes the old man faked his death to play this little trick on him. He goes for a drink at the bar, and sees Mr. Telters. He gets mugged and thinks it was Mr. Telters. In the hospital, he sees Mr. Telters on a turned off TV screen.

So, what’s going on with Jacob? Is he losing his mind? Or, was the old guy right…he was the last chance for Jacob. But, what does that mean exactly? Ah, you’ll have to read to find out.

This short story got me right from the beginning. If you like a darker story, then this one is for you.

I give this story 5 stars!



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4 responses to “Worse By A. M. Sawyer

  1. I’ve read this one. It is a good one!

  2. Now this sounds like a really good read. I will have to give it a try.

  3. Great review! Sounds like an interesting story!

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