Vampire Ascending By Lorelei Bell

51fLYwJLO2L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-62,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_“And what was the purpose of the crucifix, anyway?” he wondered. “Trying to piss him off?”

I looked down to see the crucifix dangling against the black shirt.

“A crucifix to a vampire is like flipping off the guy in the car next to you in the worst of neighborhoods in Chicago. You’re just inviting trouble.” His voice was in a low warning tone. “Some vampires are immune to the cross. Not all were religious when they were alive.”

Sabrina is a touch clairvoyant, meaning that when she touches something/anything, she will get a reading from it. She gets such powerful readings from people/objects that sometimes she goes into a trance-like state and faints. It could actually kill her if she is not careful.

The book opens with Sabrina going to an interview to work at Tremayne Towers. She is to meet Nicolas, a vampire, but ends up getting bitten by a wolf. But not just any wolf–a werewolf. Of course, Nicolas is there to save the day by sucking out anything that might be coursing through her veins that might change her into a werewolf/were-person at the next full moon.

Bjorn Tremayne wants Sabrina to help find out who is killing vampires…his own lifemate, Letitia, being one of them. He will pay anything to find the killers, even offering Sabrina a hundred thousand dollars and complete benefits. But there’s a problem. Sabrina has been marked by a master vampire (Vasyl) when she was ten, having taken her mother and made her into a vampire. Sabrina has been plagued by dreams of this vampire since he bit her. The only one who can cancel out the bite from the master vampire so that he doesn’t come after her, is Tremayne himself. And, he wants her…her blood is super sweet to him and he can barely control himself when he is with her. He tells her that she is his soulmate, that she is his.

Dante is a Native American who can shift into whatever animal he wants to. He is sent to be a bodyguard for Sabrina, yet he begins to have strong feelings for her as well.

Along the way through this adventurous, exciting journey, we meet shapeshifters like Dante, elves/fae that work at Tremayne Towers in the hospital part (their blood is toxic to vampires, so they are safe) and nasty/mean vampires that just want to kill for the sake of the kill. But one thing is for certain…they all want Sabrina.

Will Vasyl take what is his or will Tremayne be the one to save her? What of Nicolas and Dante? Will Sabrina choose Dante over Tremayne? Or is that Nicolas she wants?

I found this story a little hard to keep up with…or maybe it was just because it was kind of all over the place…I’m not sure. There were repeated scenes where the same info that was learned by Sabrina earlier, she seemed not to know about in a later scene. It just got a little old re-reading the same information.

There were a lot of very hot men in this book and they all wanted Sabrina. Nicolas, Vasyl, Tremayne and Dante–and every other vampire in the book–wanted to make Sabrina theirs…or take a bite out of her. The only ones that didn’t want her were the elves.

There was some influence of other writers within the story, but the characters and storyline were all her own.

Maybe this is just my personal preference, but I don’t know why authors feel the need to overuse the thesaurus. It’s very distracting when you have to stop reading to look up words. I also thought the author used the word passed a lot when another word could have been used in its place or the sentence restructured. There were spelling mistakes and missing words but those I could slightly overlook. These are things the editor should have picked up on.

All in all, this book was a good one. I give this book 4 stars.



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3 responses to “Vampire Ascending By Lorelei Bell

  1. I liked the whole bit on the cross. Thanks for the honest review, and 4 stars is still good.

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