Why Men Are From Earth And Women Are Not From Venus By Mark Laverdiere

51k5wiL2V9L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Let’s talk about women. They are gorgeous. They are funny. They are passionate. They can be sexy, engaging, strong. Perhaps most importantly, they are soft and they smell good The best ones will call you on your shit and yell as bond as you do at the flat screen during the game.

They seem so perfect. And then you spend a lot of time with one and you realize…They are not from here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but what I got made me laugh out loud. And the crazy part was, was that I had to agree with everything in the book. I’m pretty sure this guy is correct…women do come from another planet…or maybe it’s the guys who come from a far distant planet, not the women. Either way, we are like two totally different species trying to get along.

From having listening dyslexia (taking his words and twisting them around until his intentions are lost in translation) to trying to avoid the improvised explosive device that is the wrath of the woman he love, we seem to be making it terribly difficult on these poor guys.

This book gives not only men some insight into the women that they love, but also gives the woman a little insight into how they behave and how to make a man understand you. Because, Lord knows how it pains us that they (men) can’t understand ANYTHING that we say.

For example, women may beat around the bush, dropping subtle hints to the unaware man, hoping that he will catch on. However, it seems men don’t “think about much.” They think about what’s on TV, not about why their woman hasn’t said anything about their new haircut. Half the time they’re not even thinking about what’s on TV either, just watching it mindlessly, and definitely not thinking about what they want for supper.

It really is true that men and women think about different things. A man just thinks about the act of sex, and once it’s over, it’s time to roll over and have a nap…you know, to recover…yet a woman wants to cuddle. See? Totally different planets.

My only beef with this book was that it was labeled as a “romantic comedy for the Alpha male.” While it was funny as hell, it wasn’t a “romantic comedy.” It would fall more into the category of a “self-help” book for understanding the opposite sex.

That being said, I laughed repeatedly, and I think every man and woman on this planet should read this very funny, and very true book. It might just help you to understand why the one you love drives you so completely nuts.

I give this short book 5 stars!



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3 responses to “Why Men Are From Earth And Women Are Not From Venus By Mark Laverdiere

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, it was a cute book. I think every woman and man should read this book…just so we’re not always guessing as to what they’re thinking…

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