Dating A Cougar (Never Too Late Series) By Donna McDonald

cougar“When you find a man who’s worth the effort, you’ll risk anything as many times as necessary, even when you know it might not work out. I’m sure Regina would tell you it’s extremely unhealthy. Sometimes though, it’s just what you have to do, especially with stubborn men,” Alexa said, hugging her daughter and kissing her cheek.

Alexa Ranger is an ex-model turned business woman, a powerful woman who gets what she wants and isn’t afraid to trample if she needs to. She’s single, wealthy…and fifty years old.

Casey Carter is a widower, an ex-Marine, retired from an injury while on duty. Now living with a hip replacement, Casey is thirty-eight and has to walk with a cane. But, he doesn’t let the cane slow him down.

When Casey’s cousin, Seth, throws a party at his place and Casey is the bartender, instant sparks fly between Alexa and Casey. But with the twelve year age difference, Alexa doesn’t make it easy on either of them. She fights the feelings she has for Casey every step of the way…except he won’t let her win. Those feelings are strong for both of them, and she finally gives in to him.

When an accident nearly claims Casey, Alexa wishes now that she had said she loved him. But when Casey wakes up, he doesn’t want to see Alexa.

Will Casey ever be able to make up for every mistake he’s made?

Let me just say, wow…I loved this book! Right from the first chapter, there was sexual tension that left you reeling, making you turn the page to the next one, just to have more sexual tension. I read this book in two days, not wanting to put it down.

There were tons of editing errors that were slightly distracting to the story, many of them being misplaced words and missing words, but the story was good enough that it won’t effect my score. The wonderful cast of supporting characters and the wonderful sexual tension helped to make this book a 5 star. I hope to read the next book in the series sometime.



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8 responses to “Dating A Cougar (Never Too Late Series) By Donna McDonald

  1. What a great review. Sounds like an excellent book to read. The cover is a little different, but once I figured it out I could see how it related to the story.

    • I really liked the cover…she is actually the owner of an undergarment business…so, that’s where that part comes in…it was an exceptional book with loads of sexual tension…

  2. Writing a condensed review is like (to me) almost hard as writing a pitch to an agent or publisher. Well done. I’d read the book on this alone.

    • You’re right…I hate those little two sentence reviews…yes, they may have liked the book, and MAY be able to say why in just a few lines, but it looks like they haven’t read the full book when you get those kind of reviews…thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like another good read. Great review on this one.

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