Bah, Humbug! A Romantic Comedy Novella By Heather Horrocks

bahThe woman’s voice was as cold as the storm outside and Kyle cringed at the sound of it. This gorgeous woman was the same one who’d refused  to let him apologize earlier. Boy, he had really blown it. “It wasn’t what it appeared. I was trying to put the head back on.”

“After you beheaded it.”

“Well, yes, but only because I was looking for a place for the weapon.”

“Of course you were.” She frowned. “And I’m Santa’s head elf.”

“You don’t believe me.” Not that he could say he blamed her. Guilt flooded him as he remembered yanking off the head in his eagerness to try out his villian’s plan.


Lexi Anderson was happy with the way her life was headed in…she had two beautiful kids and even a Martha Stewart type of show on TV. She was single and loving it, knowing that she was doing right by her kids. That is, until they just happened to move into the house beside the Grinch.

Kyle Miller is a New York Times Bestselling author of kids mystery books…the Jarod Strong series. He’s battling a severe case of writer’s block which he can’t seem to shake, and now the neighbours are putting plastic elves and snowmen on his yard. He just can’t get into the Christmas spirit…not with a deadline that has been moved up by two weeks and writer’s block that just won’t go away…and also for a personal reason.

So when he see’s a snowman on his property, it gives him an idea. What if the villian hid the gun in the snowman? Kyle goes outside and mangles the snowman, digging out the tummy, amputating a limb, and finally beheading the poor snowman. When Lexi see’s this, she wonders what kind of imbecile neighbours she lives beside. Especially since this is Christmas Street!

Kyle tries to apologize and ends up getting roped into Christmasy-type stuff that he just can’t get into…not with a deadline so close. He’s afraid he won’t be able to finish.

Lexi wonders what she’s doing, and why this man has such a hold on her. Then she meets his family.

What happens in the few days before Christmas? Will Kyle find the inspiration that he needs to finish his book? Will Lexi let go everything she used to know and feel to allow this handsome man into her life?

This novella was short but definitely not short on sweetness. There could have been a bit more sexual tension, but what there was, was great. How his touch warmed her, how her green eyes and red hair intrigued him, making him want more. There was the right amount of funny, although it wasn’t roll-on-the-floor type of funny…it was just enough to keep me wanting to read to the end. It was light…and yes, predictable…but, I still loved it.

There was one part that really choked me up, making tears come to my eyes. It was the reason why Kyle wasn’t into the whole Christmas thing. I’d probably feel the same thing if it had been me.

This book was on the free list on Amazon. For a sweet, romantic and fun novella that is set at Christmas time, this one is for you. I give this one 5 stars.



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6 responses to “Bah, Humbug! A Romantic Comedy Novella By Heather Horrocks

  1. The Desert Rocks

    You read fast and write great reviews!

    • Thanks Evie…but, novella’s are fairly quick…and thank you for the compliment. When the book is good, it makes you want to write a review. And, I liked this one…it was sweet.

  2. A short sweet romance – what could be better for an afternoon? Nice review.

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