The Ghost Of Squire House By Joanne Pence

He paced back and forth, arms folded. “I suppose I should be frank and admit it was not just for your sake I got rid of him. I know his type. Get him around a woman and he’d pant and slobber until the two ended up rolling about in bed. Quite frankly, such a scene would have been revolting to me beyond all endurance. I really had to spare myself.”

She saw red. “What nerve!” she shrieked–and Jennifer Barrett had never before shrieked in her life–but this man was intolerable.

Making his voice louder, Paul continued. “But then, you became rather pleasant. You were doing a fine job making Squire House your home. I did approve. Even your giddy friend Sue was somewhat acceptable. That man Ross was not, but that could have been easily taken care of.”

Jennifer had to sit. Her legs could no longer support her.

I’ve been reading a lot of ghost stories lately and I thought I would like this one since it was a romance.

Jennifer Barrett was always told by her mother that she was never good enough for anything. Her mother would tell her that she wasn’t a good violin player and that she wasn’t beautiful, or smart enough. But she loved her mother even if she had never been told that back in return.

When her mother becomes ill and passes away, Jennifer is left a house far up the coast in a small little town that she had never even heard of. She decides to visit the old house. What she finds is a house overlooking the ocean, a seaside house full of promise and stories. Oh, and one other thing–a ghost.

The house had been boarded up for years and previous tenants of the house had run away screaming, never to return. But when Jennifer gets to the house, she finds it warm and inviting. She decides to move to the quaint house on the cliff.

What she doesn’t know is that the owner of the house, Paul Squire, still resides there. She smells his presence when he has been smoking his pipe, and a book that she had put away was now lying a different way then the way she had put it back on the shelf.

When her friend Sue comes for a visit from San Francisco, they go for a walk where they meet a man named Ross. While back at Jennifer’s house, they visit the attic where they find some old paintings that had been painted by Paul. One of the paintings is of a woman that resembles Jennifer. Sue and Ross are amazed at how much she looks like Jennifer, but she refuses to believe it.

She knows she isn’t alone but when Paul decides to “show” himself to her, she is a little taken aback, thinking that someone had broken into her home. He argues with her that this was his home, not hers.

Many a quarrel ensues between Jennifer and Paul, and many times Paul becomes so upset that he leaves the house, leaving her alone, refusing to show himself. Jennifer actually begins to miss him when he leaves her.

At Thanksgiving, she invites the lawyer, Sue, her boyfriend Brent and Ross to her house for a meal. She adamently made Paul promise that he wouldn’t do anything that might frighten everyone. When Sue is still in bed, Brent tries to kiss Jennifer. Of course, Paul sees this and leaves her alone again.

Can a human love a ghost? Can a ghost love a human? You’ll have to read this one to find out.

I was a little disappointed in this book actually. The writing was mediocre at best, and I found myself tending to skip ahead a few paragraphs to find out what was going to happen next instead of reading through every word like a good book would make you. I found myself wishing that something would happen between Paul and Jennifer, but I was just left wanting. I think what was lacking in this book was a good dose (or doses) of sexual tension. There was none.

Also, since the writing was mediocre, I found myself dwelling on the editing errors in it, disrupting the flow of the novel with each spelling error. I just think that the novel could have been better.

I give this book 2 stars.



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5 responses to “The Ghost Of Squire House By Joanne Pence

  1. Well, since I don’t read Romances anyway, nothing was lost by reading the review.

  2. Terrific review, Beth, but certainly something I’ll pass on.

    It comes across as a rip off of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir….

    • I’ve heard that a lot from reviews I’ve seen at Amazon about this book…but, I’ve never read it…maybe it’s one that I will have to pick up sometime since I’m writing my own ghost story…

  3. Ghost and Mrs. Muir is definitely something you must see!

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