The Ghost Exterminator By Vivi Andrews

The Episodes, as he had come to think of them, began the morning the first construction team had set foot on the premises. After the seventh team walked off the job, he had been forced to admit that there might be some problems with the house that couldn’t be solved with new pipes and a fresh coat of paint. His secretary’s suggestion to bring in the consulting firm–ridiculous as it had seemed after the Erupting Toilet Episode–had become his last, best hope by the time the Exploding Furnace Episode had sent the ninth, and final, contractor storming off the site.

Wyatt glared at the mockingly perfect Victorian, convinced irrationally or not, that it was glaring back at him.

“Dude. That house hates you.”

This book was a fun, light read when most paranormal novels aren’t. I found myself drawn to this book and I had a hard time putting it down. Plus, I love a great ghost story since I have one of my own.

Wyatt Haines is a man who believes in everything business and nothing that has to do with personal or pleasure…and definitely not ghosts. But, Wyatt has a problem…a big problem. His house is haunted–very haunted.

Jo Banks is a medium who works for Karmic Consultants as a Ghost Exterminator. When she gets to Wyatt’s house, she can see that his house is pulsing with ghostly activitity…even though he doesn’t believe in ghosts. But because the “Episodes” are making renovations next to impossible and delaying the opening of the Inn, he concedes to allow Jo to do her job…even though he doesn’t believe.

Jo usually “exterminates” the ghosts by herself, but Wyatt won’t let her into the house by herself because it’s “his” house. While doing her job, Jo uses her second sight to open a portal for which the ghosts to go through. While doing so, she his thrown to the floor by the force of the ghosts. When Wyatt sees her go down, he breaks her concentration. The portal is closed before all the ghosts can go through. Two ghosts remain–but not in the house. Now they’re inside of Wyatt.

When Wyatt is awake, he is in control of his own body. When he is asleep, the ghosts take over. He woke up at his desk with a Groucho Marx eyebrows and mustache drawn on his face with permanent marker, and one time, while Jo was staying with him (to make sure that Wyatt wouldn’t draw on his face again), she woke up with bubble gum in her hair.

The prankster ghosts inside of him are children…children that don’t want to go to the other side. They like the house…but now, even they are stuck–stuck inside poor Wyatt.

Jo tries to pretend that she is normal, even though everyone else thinks she’s looney-tunes and Wyatt, who’s an uptight, all-business type of guy who doesn’t believe what is going on around him, would rather be getting his latest acquirement up and running to make more money. These two together are like oil and water…

Will Jo be able to get the ghosts out of Wyatt before the ghosts kill him? Will Wyatt ever truly believe? And, who is responsible for bringing the ghosts to the Victorian in the first place? These questions can be answered by reading the story.

I loved this book…it was a fun, quirky and easy to read story. I loved the pranks the children ghosts played on whomever happened to be close by, and the sexual tension between Wyatt and Jo left you wanting more. The author wrote the book so beautifully, I could imagine myself watching the whole thing take place. From the quirky prose to the imagery of the ghosts “playing” around inside of Wyatt, I felt like I was truly there, watching it all play out.

I give this book 5 stars!



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12 responses to “The Ghost Exterminator By Vivi Andrews

  1. This does sound fun. This is definitely going on my TBR.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. That sounds like a good one, Beth! Splendid review!

  3. The Desert Rocks

    Sounds hilarious but Lorelei might be onto something. Shoot the ghosts!

  4. Great review. I’m supposed to receive a free ghost story book. I haven’t read one in years.

  5. It does sound like a fun read, Beth. Nice review.

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