To Love A Witch By Debora Geary

Jake suddenly looked very serious. “She’s one of Sentinel’s mentors. Without the royal screw-up in this zone, you’d have been matched with someone like her years ago–someone who could help you access your magic and control it.”

Her control had been fine for years, until some he-man had tried a witch snatch-and-run. “I don’t want to access my magic; I want it to go away.”


She could feel her teeth clench at the gentleness in his voice. “Because all it’s ever done is send my life up in flames.”

To Love A Witch is a novella that I had bought a bit ago, but because it is close to Halloween, I thought I would read this one and review it.

Romy is a former delinquent/now drama teacher who works at a detention center for young kids. She does her best with what she knows best–acting–acting NOT like a witch.

Jake is a Sentinel employee who has taken over for someone (Alvin) who, for forty years, has been covering up the facts when an alarm has been set off by a female witch. Sentinel monitors the energy given off by a witch, even if the witch doesn’t know she’s a witch. Alvin (dubbed Alvin the Asshole) has protected the boys who are witches, matching them up with families that could help them control their particular magic, but he’s let all the girls go south, ignoring the alarms they set off. Like Romy, all those years ago.

Romy is a fire witch. She has a hard time controling her magic, therefore, she tries to deny it. When she sets off an alarm at the detention center, Jake thinks he’s going to be rescuing another young girl.

Romy agrees (against her better judgment) to get some help to control her magic. Carla, another fire witch, takes Romy under her wing, showing Romy that instead of suppressing her magic, she can use her magic.

But when Romy and Jake start getting closer, she burns him by mistake. When she realizes what she’s done, she runs away from him, hurting him worse than her burns.

Can Romy ever get her power under control? Will she ever be able to use it for good and to help others instead of suppressing it? You’ll have to get this short novella to find out.

I give this story 5 stars!



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4 responses to “To Love A Witch By Debora Geary

  1. The Desert Rocks

    Nice review Beth. Fire witches might be dangerous in the Fall with all the dry leaves around.

  2. Good review, Beth! Sounds like a completely different spin on the genre.

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