Lord Of The Mullets By A. M. Sawyer

“We need beer!” Exclaims George, the self proclaimed leader of the trio. “Billy, didn’t you get your check yet?”

The big guy to George’s right shakes his head in defeat.

“Dude, I’m on layoff, and I wasn’t there long enough to get unemployment. What about you, surely you started that new job by now!”

“I’m still in the process.” George sighs. “Basically, they haven’t got off their back sides and given me a hire date. What about you, Fred? Do you have any cash?”

Fred, trying to smooth out his wrinkled shirt, turns out his empy pockets as he looks at George.

“Nah dude, I’m broke as a joke, and I haven’t been this sober since birth! We need to find beer!”

What do you get when you cross Rednecks with Valley Girls? A crazy, action-packed novel, that’s what. Lord of the Mullets delivers all the laughs and action in one solid novel.

George, Billy and Fred are your typical bunch of Rednecks who learn the power of teamwork. Set in a magical-type land where kings, princesses, and a Wiseman live–oh, and let’s not forget the witches– the world takes on a different environment.

The witches, Sasha and Mathilda, Valley Girls from Beverly Hills, capture the king, making him talk by giving him a truth serum. They perform their magic, making things disappear and reappear at will. The king is soon relinquished as he tells the secrets of everyone in the land.

Enter George, Billy and Fred…three friends who love beer. They do everything better with beer: shoot better, drive better, love better. Of course, being Rednecks, none of them have any cash to get any beer. They should consider themselves lucky when the towns beer and alcohol are cursed, poisoned by the witches. While they really, really, REALLY want some beer, they recognize–even with their stereotypical Redneck stupidity–that drinking the beer will kill them. George, the leader, takes them on an adventure worth taking to help save the townspeople and the surrounding lands.

Through a series of tests, riddles, different lands, and the undying partnership that comes with teamwork, the three friends are able to accomplish more than what they thought they ever could. Sacrifices are made but for a good cause–the Trailer Country–and love is found at the strangest of times and places.

Will George, Billy and Fred be able to save the land? You’ll have to read this one to find out. At $0.99, you can’t go wrong.

There are chuckles on every page, a little bit of love, and the author does his best to keep us entertained with the antics of the three friends. I give this full length, funny novel 5 stars!



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4 responses to “Lord Of The Mullets By A. M. Sawyer

  1. Excellent review, Beth!

    Rednecks running wild in a fantasy world? Sounds completely different!

  2. Nice review. Although some good ole boys might say the outcome proves they aren’t stupid.

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