Divorced, Desperate And Delicious By Christie Craig

Lacy began backing up, wishing she could reverse time. Five minutes back and she would never have answered the dad-burn phone. Five days back and she’d have never agreed to do the Christmas card photo shoot for the Pet Magazine Group. Five years back and she would have never married Peter.

Lacy Maquire is a Divorced woman, slightly on the Desperate side. Ok, a lot desperate. She hasn’t had sex in a year since she did it with her ex, Peter. Her friends, Sue and Kathy, try to convince her to let the FedEx guy have his way with her…and the vet, Eric…and the plumber…anyone that might be willing. Even her own mother tries to get her to have sex…with someone…anyone!

But Lacy can’t give it up to any man. Oh, not that these other guys aren’t good looking, but Lacy has other issues. Her mom being one of them. Her mom has been married and divorced so many times, she’s in the running to beat Elizabeth Taylor’s record. Lacy doesn’t want to end up like her mom, so she just doesn’t give up her heart to anyone. If Lacy has sex, then she will end up giving them her heart and the wedding plans will start.

Chase Kelly, officer on the lam, and running for his life, holds up in an unsuspecting citizens back yard when a dog threatens to blow his cover. When the dog’s owner comes out to investigate, she gets more than she bargained for.

That leads to the Delicious part of the title. Chase asks Lacy if he can hold up in her house as his life is in danger. The thing is, she recognizes him as the man wanted for the attempted murder of a fellow officer and stolen cocaine that was alledgedly found in his condo.  This all can’t end well…can it?

This book is a romance with lots of humour and tons of sexual tension coursing through it. Anyone with a sense of humour will get a kick out of Lacy’s mom, Karina, and of course, her friends, Kathy and Sue. Everyone is just trying to help Lacy out (you know, with her sexual problems), and that includes Chase.

I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys humour and romance.

Definitely, 5 stars!!



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5 responses to “Divorced, Desperate And Delicious By Christie Craig

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Beth!

  2. conspiracyqueen

    This definitely sounds like something I’d read.

    Hugs and chocolate,

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