That Semicolon Bitch Had To Die By Tom Conrad

We repeated those words again and again. More againing. It felt….Real. We just lay there for minutes more, wrapped in the assurednes and safety of our wardrobe.



‘So what is your favourite oxymoron?’

I looked into her eyes, right through the night time dark and then and there, deciding to keep going, to let my guard down all the more.

‘Mine is alone together, because I never feel alone when we’re together, Abigail.’

This truly is a Tom Conrad special novella. One that shouldn’t be missed.

We’ve all had those times when we weren’t sure which punctuation would best suit that piece we’ve just written. Sometimes we have to re-read it, re-edit it, only to find that it still doesn’t sound/look right. I, myself, tend to overuse the comma…oh, and the ellipsis…my favourite! So, I could identify with the main character, Frankie. He loves forward slashes/new thoughts a bit more than I do, but all-in-all, Frankie seemed like he knew what he was wanting to write, how to write it…and that he was a good guy.

Frankie meets Abbey through Twitter and instant messaging, their relationship blossoming over the weeks to include having sex/moving in together. However, just because you say you wardrobe someone doesn’t make it true. Add in the fact that two people can’t always agree on the right punctuation for a story, well…things just can’t end well.

I loved this book, and as I said in previous reviews, this is classic Tom at his best. His dark humour is present in every cheeky forward slash, every distrustful semicolon, every continuing ellipsis…and wardrobe.

Will that semicolon bitch die a most unfortunate/much deserved death? Could the semicolon and forward slash ever get along? And what’s a wardrobe got to do with it?

Ah yes, the Tom Conrad humour. You need to read this one to find out. Don’t miss this dark/but humorous take on romance, punctuation and the effects the two have on each other.

As always, 5 stars!



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11 responses to “That Semicolon Bitch Had To Die By Tom Conrad

  1. This sounds awesome Beth!
    Thanks so much for another awesome review–I am so going to get this.

  2. The Desert Rocks

    Can’t wait to read this one day!

  3. conspiracyqueen


    Now I can’t wait to read this.

    And I’ve come up with a new plan to read. But first I must finish She Who Hunts. I’m now 92% there. Then I must read E.J. Wesley’s Blood Flugue. I promised him. And I need to finish a beta-read for someone else. Then I’m going to finish reading your books, Mike’s, Evie’s, Lena’s, Mari’s, Aaron’s and Norma’s. Since you are all my friends. Maybe not face to face, but you’re still my friends and you care if I’m breathing.

    This was another Beth-great-book-review.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Tweeted and FB’d

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  5. Was just going through WMD on FB and realized I’d missed this! It sounds awesome!

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