Scarlet Letters: The Tale Of The Vampire Mailman By Allison M. Dickson

Louis  felt as if the world was spinning too fast. The news of finding out he was a vampire was incredible enough, but to find out that his doctor had intentionally injected him like a lab rat was more gut wrenching than the prospect of his next bowel movement. “Do you even hear yourself? You injected people without their consent! Don’t you see how wrong that is? What about the Hypocritical Oath or whatever it is? You’re a doctor for!”

Marx laughed. “Yes, I am a doctor. But more importantly, I am a vampire. I may have a conscience about killing innocent people, and a soft spot for the ever so quaint Hippocratic Oath, but I do have an instinct to propagate my own species. I feared that if I opened up the floor to the willing, I would get all the wrong candidates.”

This was a book I picked up for free and may I say, the title doe not disappoint. This book is a quirky, humorous take on the vampires and even a little dark at times, even making fun of the Twilight books…everyone makes fun of the Twilight books! (Even though I secretly like them.)  ;o) Well, that’s until you get to the ending…then it just sort of fell off the mark.

Louis lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. He is a postman there with his buddy Stan. When Louis begins to not feel very well, it’s at about this time that his skin is starting to get sores on it when he goes outside in the sunlight, and his appetite has gotten…well…a little on the weird side. He starts craving steak and meat, but would rather eat it raw then cooked. And, to make matters worse, people around the town are betting what his disease is. Even his friend Stan and a girl that works the main counter at the post office, Sera, have a bet going.

When the mail at the houses he delivers to starts piling up in the mailboxes and mail slots, Louis thinks something more is going on.

Louis pays a visit to Dr. Marx, who just happens to be Sera’s uncle. Sera guessed he was a vampire, but she didn’t know anything about the injections her uncle was giving the townspeople. He was telling everyone that they were getting the flu shot, when in reality, they were getting a strain of the vampiric virus. It’s certainly more preferable than the “traditional” route of passing it on…you’ll have to read for that one…and, it’s not a bite that will do it.

He gives Louis a book called “Dexter Bloodgood’s Survival Guide For Modern Vampires, 19th edition. Louis has no other choice but to accept his vampire fate but he gives the book to Stan to read. He and Sera get closer, but something about the townpeople isn’t sitting well with him. Where is everyone? It’s wintertime, but it’s like everyone has just…disappeared…as if they were hibernating.

So, what’s happening to the townspeople? Is someone killing them off, or is it the “flu” shot that is making everyone disappear? Is Sera and Louis going to be next? Stan?

You’ll have to read this one to find out. As I said, it starts out funny, quirky and very discriptive at times, but then around the middle of the book it gets a bit darker. I was terribly disappointed in the ending and would have liked something different…it was just lacking…something. Yes, there’s a hero and yes, all ends well…but, it just…well, was a little stupid at the end.

For the most part, I enjoyed the book, but with the ending lacking, and the spelling mistakes/missing words, it wasn’t all it could have been. It was as if the author/editor got half way through the book and the author couldn’t stand her own writing any longer, and the editor just gave up. It could have been so much better.

I give this one 3 stars!



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6 responses to “Scarlet Letters: The Tale Of The Vampire Mailman By Allison M. Dickson

  1. Excellent review, Beth. Not really my genre, of course.

    And your appreciation of all things Twilight isn’t that secret!

  2. The Desert Rocks

    YIkes, I’ll be looking at my doctor differently from now on. LOL

  3. Hi Beth!

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my book and leave a thoughtful and honest review. As an author who is still trying to make a place in the world, criticism like this is vital to my improvement.

    I have a novel coming out in the spring from an actual publisher. I hope you will give it a look, or see if my other stories are to your liking. Scarlet Letters was my first book and I share a lot of your same feelings about it. Thanks again.


    Allison M. Dickson

    • I really loved most of the book…until the very end with Dr. Marx turning into a crying baby…but, all in all, it was really good. I will most definitely check out your next book.

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