A Gift Of Ghosts By Sarah Wynde

But then one reckless paragraph about spirit energy in an article for the prestigious Energy Research Quarterly, and suddenly all her plans were in jeopardy. The committee hadn’t denied her tenure yet, but her department head had made it clear that it was only a matter of time. With no hope of a university job, she’d have to teach in a high school. She’d rather work in the fifth circle of hell.

The phone call from General Directions, Inc. had been out of the blue, but it felt like a potential lifesaver. The company wanted to meet with her. They were willing to fly her to Florida–Florida, of all places!–rent her a car, and put her up in a hotel room for a day or two, while they interviewed her for some undefined position. Despite the vagueness of the details, Akira hadn’t hesitated.

I loved this book! So much so, I might read it again. There was so much going on and even a few surprises, especially for a ghost story, and I had a really hard time putting it down.

Akira Malone is a physics professor at Santa Marita College. When she submitted an article for the Energy Research Quarterly, it ended up jeopardizing her job, and her reputation. When General Directions, Inc called her, she jumped on the next plane to meet with the company.

Except, Zane Latimer has interviewed three others and none of them were right for the position the company was offering. He’s not sure about Akira either and quite frankly, he’s not even sure what position he’s interviewing her for. But during the interview, his sister Grace, the CEO of the company, interrupts, handing Zane a folder. Inside is a sticky note telling Zane to give her whatever she wants as long as she signs a contract with the company to stay with them for two years. After some convincing and pleading, even though Zane doesn’t know why he’s got to hire her, she accepts.

The company pays for a realtor to show her some houses to live in, and one thing that she requests is the rental car she took from the airport. She wants to buy the car, but Zane has no idea why.

Oh….right, I didn’t tell you…Akira can see and talk to ghosts. There’s a teenage boy in the car she rented, and she likes him. He’s one of the friendlier ghosts she encounters. Zane accepts, especially when he realizes who had owned that car before, and that there’s a ghost in it of someone he once knew.

Akira lives in a house with two friendly ghosts, and drives a car with a ghost in it. She has always had trouble accepting her ability, and now that she’s in a new town, she thinks everyone is going to think she is weird…however, the town of Tassamara has its own little quirks. Pretty much the whole town is filled with people with abilities–for example, there’s no menus at the diner because the cook already knows what you want even if you don’t.

Zane and Akira start getting closer. He knows about her ability and he has one too. He can find things and people as long as he’s touching the other person.  Akira feels strange letting him in and telling him about the ghosts, but she opens up to him, in more ways than just telling him about the ghosts. Their relationship blooms, and he wants her to meet the rest of his family.

But, when they pull up into the driveway of his family’s house, Akira can’t go in. There’s bad ghosts in there, ghost that would hurt her and maybe even kill her.

I can’t give anymore away, but what happens next surprised me. Will she ever be able to go into the Latimer family house, and why are the ghosts so evil? And, what does the teenage boy and the two ghosts she lives with have to do with all of this?

Ah, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

As I said, I loved this book. I’ll be reading it again. Five stars for this one!



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6 responses to “A Gift Of Ghosts By Sarah Wynde

  1. Okay, you convinced me. Now all I need is time.

    • I know….I’ve got so many books to read, write, format, review…UGH…there’s just not enough hours in the day for all of that. But, this is a good one. Well, I happen to like these kind of ghost stories.

  2. Oh, I love stories with ghosts! This sounds great!!

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