Falling For Rain By Janice Kirk And Gina Buonaguro

“Why did I do it?” Rain repeated the question as he pulled the car into the driveway of Maple Tree Farm and parked in front of the house. He turned off the engine, switched off the lights, and sank back against the leather seat. There was a distant rumble of thunder. “For your father, for one. I owed him a lot for giving me a home. It was hard for him when your mother died, and when you left….” He broke off, knowing she would get the idea. He looked at her, her lovely profile faintly illuminated by the yard light. “And for you, of course. I did it for you,” he whispered. “Because I didn’t know what else I could do.”

Let me just point out a few things…if you don’t like sexual tension, romance, strong women, gorgeous men, or anything Canadian, you will not love this book. However, if you do, this book is an excellent read. I had difficulty putting this one down.

It starts out with Emily Alexander coming back to the countryside from the big city of Toronto. She is a successful business woman there, and has built up a wall between her old country girl life and the city woman she is now. She would never have come back to the old farm, but with her parents both dead, she sees no reason to hang onto it any longer. Plus, her “business partner” (who is a slimeball!) Jonathon, convinces her that the farm property would make an excellent golf course and resort.

When Emily gets back to the farm, expecting it to be abandoned, she runs into Ray Storm. Ray was just a kid when he came to live with Emily and her family, a bastard child from another woman. Emily nicknamed him Rain, and it stuck.

Rain is still living on the farm, tending to the animals, working the land, and keeping up the house, barn and cabin. She doesn’t want to look at him, seeing his beautiful blue eyes and his tousled blonde hair, but she sees the man she left behind so long ago. Ten years ago. And, the old feelings start to stir in her.

Except, she won’t let him know that…she won’t tell him that she watches him, wishing that she could say that she loved him, that she always has. But, doing that would show weakness…and Emily is far from weak.

A freak storm brings them together when the barn catches on fire in a lightning storm. She sees the barn in flames and runs to save the cows and horse that are trapped in there. Rain runs to save her.

But, just when you think they’ll get together, something always ends up stopping them. Emily was going to tell Jonathon that he wasn’t going to get the golf course/resort that he wanted, and instead was going to give the farm to Rain. But, a secret is revealed. A secret that changes everything.

The sexual tension builds readily throughout this book. You’ll be begging for them to get together, and when it happens finally, they get ripped apart again by a secret. A deadly secret.

I truly loved this book…and not because it happens to occur in my own backyard, so to speak, but because I am a country girl at heart and I love romance. This book will have you wanting more.

The only thing wrong with this book was the advertisements for other books by the authors after chapter 3 or 4 and then again closer to the end, and also at the end of the book. Otherwise, a beautfiul love story that will tug at your heart strings. I teared up (ok, cried) a couple of different times. I highly recommend this book.

I give it 5 stars.



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7 responses to “Falling For Rain By Janice Kirk And Gina Buonaguro

  1. You were right, Beth. This definitely sounds like a book I would love!

  2. Dear Beth – so glad to hear you liked the book! Thanks so much for your review – we really appreciate it. And we didn’t realize the middle ads (a la Harlequin) were so disruptive so we will work to get them removed asap – thanks for letting us know. Best wishes – Gina & Janice

    • It’s not that I found them disruptive, it was more that the advertisements could have waited until the end of the book. I so enjoyed it!!

      I’m actually a country girl from around the Belleville area…now I live a little closer to Toronto, but still in the country. I’ll never be a city girl…:o)

  3. In fact the story is set very close to your hometown đŸ™‚

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