Significance By Shelly Crane

“Hold on.” I walked up to his cousin a few feet away. I looked up into his face, at least half a foot higher than mine, probably more. “I’m really glad I was there.”

“Me too. Thank you. You ever need anything; a new pair of rollerblades, a popsicle, a kidney, it’s yours.”

I laughed and tucked my hair behind my ear as he chuckled too and shuffled his feet.

“Ok. I’m Maggie by the way.” I stuck my hand out towards him and smiled.

“Maggie,” he repeated and I bit my lip at the sound of my name on his lips. “Caleb.” He took my hand and I felt an instant jolt go through my body that made me gasp.

Not like a girly wow-he’s-touching-me jolt. I mean an actual jolt. Like it felt as if fire was racing through my veins and I was standing in water with a blow dryer. My breaths ceased to exist and my blood felt cold in my hot skin. My eyes fluttered automatically at the pleasure pain of it. I saw images, flashes of things. Me on a porch with tan arms going around me from behind and a brown haired head sitting atop mine then leaning down, kissing my neck. Then that image vanished and a new one appeared.

Ok. I know I’m in my mid-forties, and shouldn’t like this kind of book, but I do. I love the young adult paranormal type books, and this one I really do love.

It’s the story of Maggie Masters, a seventeen year old who has wasted her last year of high school away. Her ex-boyfriend, Chad, broke up with her a few days after her mother split almost a year ago, and her father has been distant, not caring what she does, or where she goes,  or who she does things with. Her father felt that he wasn’t much of a man since his wife left him and Maggie with nothing, cleaning out their bank accounts, including the one for Maggie’s education. (What a bitch!)

Now that graduation is upon them, Maggie’s future looks bleak. Her father has been depressed, and not going to work at times, leaving Maggie to pay for things around the house. She hasn’t seen much of her best friend, Becky, and her friend, Kyle, has been trying too hard for too long to get her to notice him. She doesn’t have a college picked out because she didn’t pick any, and because her mother took her college fund money when she left. All she has is her work at the restaurant.

One night, while standing at a street corner, she notices this guy with headphones on about to cross the street in front of a truck. She yanks him back, saving his life.

As they get talking, Maggie finds out that this guy is really Kyle’s cousin. When Kyle shows up to where they are, he tries his best to show off in front of his cousin. But, when Maggie and the boy introduce themselves by shaking hands, sparks fly. Literally.

What has just occured between Maggie and Caleb Jacobson is called an ‘imprint’. Ok, so that sounds like a Twilight thing, and maybe it is, but it’s still pretty neat the way the author describes how they feel about each other instantly, and how it feels when they are apart. You could almost feel the pain and the joy between them. They become each other’s significant.

What Caleb and his whole family are, are called Aces. A clan. A group of people with amazing special abilities, that amaze Maggie right from the beginning. And, she amazes them as well. Aces of their ages don’t usually imprint that young, and it usually doesn’t happen with humans either.

But, a rival clan finds out about Maggie and Caleb’s imprint through a guy named Marcus. He touches Maggie and leaves a burned handprint on her skin, which Caleb’s grandmother has to take away. Imprinting hasn’t happened to any of the clans for so long, that this whole thing is exciting. This rival clan tries to take her several times, but she always manages to get away or Caleb is able to save her. Marcus is able to enter her dreams through what’s called an Echoling. At a party one night, and with the help of his friend, Marcus kidnaps Maggie, taking her some place unknown.

Even though it had only been a few days, because of the imprint, she is in severe pain from being apart from Caleb. And, he is too. He feels what she feels, and knows that they are hurting her.

He comes to her, speaking in her head, but she doesn’t know where she is so that he can come find her. The captors have drugged her, keeping her medicated so that Caleb can’t find her through her racing heartbeat like he would have normally.

But, he comes to her in a dream, and through their dream, they ascend, which is part of the imprinting process, finalizing it.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I loved this book. It had a lot of editing problems that I could overlook, but the book would have been so much better if there weren’t all the spelling mistakes in it. However, as I said, these I could overlook because I loved the story so much.

I give this story 4 stars, and only because of the numerous spelling errors. Every time the author meant to write “ever”, it would be spelled “every”…I mean, every single time. Breathe would be breath, and vice versa…It kind of distracts away from the story, but it was still a most excellent tale. Grammar faux pas I can get around…but the spelling mistakes were plentiful. A few mistakes are ok, but not this many. There are sequels to this book, which are available at Amazon. However, with the amount of spelling errors in the book, I really think this author should get herself an editor.



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  1. Good review, Beth. Not quite my genre though….

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