The Valley Of Candles By Antonio Grasso

Final Statement

I deserve the punishment in which the courts have handed down. I did not want this case to go to trial because I know I am guilty of murder, and other crimes. Everything I have said in the above account is true.

I have repented of my sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Any ofther God is a false God. As I now sit here and wait for the clock to strike midnight on my life, I take joy in the fact that even though I have committed these horrible crimes, God still loves me enough to save me. Save me, not from the certain earthly death I will definitely have but from eternal death that I so richly deserve. I long to see my family together as one for the first time and thank you for sentencing me to death for my crimes I have committed. To those who don’t believe and have read this account, believe because one day you won’t have a choice anymore as you will have to stand before God one day and be judged for your life.

In Christ,

McCoy O’Neal

A few days ago, I was followed by Antonio Grasso on Twitter. For following him back, he gave me a copy of his free book. In return, I gave him a copy of my free book.

This was a coming of age book about a young man named McCoy, who, like any teenager, is trying to fit in, have fun and get laid.

The story starts out with McCoy not ever knowing his mother. His mother died during childbirth with him, so he always blamed himself for his mother’s death. And, God, of course.

His father is a Bible thumper, always reciting Bible verses and making McCoy do “homework” about the Bible. But McCoy had a hard time believing in God because of what had happened to his mother. He couldn’t believe in something that would take his mother away from him before he even got a chance to know her. He would have to tell his father what he had learned while doing his Bible homework, which he never really did. Of course, being a teenager, he wanted to be out with girlfriend, Anne, instead of doing Bible study.

One night while McCoy and Anne are out looking for a place to do it, they decide on the local church. Although it was late at night, McCoy was sure there wouldn’t be anyone around to catch them…but then again, not getting caught was half the fun.

But, they do get caught as they are doing it on the church altar. Pastor John walks in and tells McCoy that he won’t tell his father if he will come to the Pro Life Rally the next day. McCoy doesn’t want his father to know, so he agrees to go to the rally. While at the rally, he meets up with his friend, Matt.

Pastor John however, renige’s on the deal and is about to tell McCoy’s father about his son’s indescretion the night before. Just as Pastor John was about to tell him, a shot rings out at the rally. McCoy’s father dies in his arms from a gun shot wound.

McCoy goes to live at his friend, Matt’s house. His family dynamic isn’t much better, his father a drunk and his mother refusing to “look” after her husband any longer.

While out for a walk, Matt sees something materialize in front of him. It tells him that he should believe in God, and that he should follow His ways. However, this isn’t a good God that he is being asked to follow. It was a false God…the Devil.

Possessed, Matt brings McCoy out to the place where he met his new God. Matt shows him what he was shown, and now McCoy believes too. When Matt sleeps, he dreams of what they need to do to make it up to God. The false God.

They kidnap Anne and bring her to their “altar” in the woods. Matt kills her, stabbing her repeatedly, saying a prayer for McCoy and himself to be saved, for their God to accept the sacrifice they have laid out for Him.

McCoy, on the other hand, begins to re-think what is going on. He dreams one night that his mother comes to visit him. She told him that the God they are following was a false God…the Devil, and that there was a better road for him to follow. McCoy is confused about why her God would take her during childbirth.

His mother confesses that she didn’t want McCoy. She told him that she hated his father and wanted to be away from him. She said that she prayed to God every day to take her, that she didn’t want to live anymore, and that that was why God took her. He listened to her prayer’s, getting her away from the man that she hated. Now she was with McCoy’s father in heaven, and things were ok now.

McCoy goes to Pastor John and his helper, telling them that him and Matt had killed Anne, and that he saw the error of his ways. He wanted to help Matt if he could, before it was too late.

At the altar, another girl was tied up, ready to be sacrificed to their God. Matt kills her and then kills Pastor John as he tried to stop him.

This was a good story, a boy finding religion just a little too late. However, I did have a few issues with the writing. There were a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, making it sometimes difficult to read. Also, it was written in multiple first person POV, however, at the top of the chapter, you don’t know who is narrating that particular chapter.

There was a couple of times where it switches to a third person POV in the middle of the chapter (Where Pastor John was going to tell McCoy’s father…McCoy and Matt were too far to hear, so it was in third person)…that made it a little confusing.

However, the story itself was good. I think with a little more writing practice and an editor, this Indie author will do great. Even with the mistakes and a little confusion regarding POV, I’d still give this book 4 out of 5 stars…



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10 responses to “The Valley Of Candles By Antonio Grasso

  1. The Desert Rocks

    Wow, that’s heavy duty stuff, but your review is great and I hope Antonio does one on your book!

  2. That sounds like a really dark book! Terrific review, Beth!

  3. I usually don’t like very dark books, but this sounds good.

    I think a lot of people find the POV switches of any kind confusing. I don’t, but that’s the response I’ve been getting.

  4. conspiracyqueen

    It sounds like a great premise. Good review, Beth.

  5. Thanks Beth for reviewing my book, I did take your advice and polished it a bit more, hopefully the POV switches aren’t confusing anymore, I see what you meant. Thank you again for your review.

    • You’re welcome, Antonio. I’ve just recently gone through one of my books, re-editing it, trying to improve it just a little for my readers. It’s tough to do, but I guess we need to do it. I’ve got three more to do before I do anything else…

      Good luck with your sales.

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