Review: Out Of Time: A Paranormal Romance By Monique Martin

The nightmares had come again. Simon Cross pushed himself off the bed and away from the cold, sweat-soaked sheets. His heart racing, his breath quick and rough, he forced his eyes to adjust to the dark room as the last vestiges of sleep faded.

Unconsciously, he clenched and unclenched his free hand. No concrete images remained, just an unwavering sense of horr, of an inevitable evil.

Elizabeth West was going to die.

This book wasn’t anything like I had expected.

Elizabeth West is a teacher’s assistant to the occult professor at the college, Simon Cross. He is aloof, cold, and difficult to talk to. He’s not one for idle conversation.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, is more social, loving life and living it to the fullest. Still, she wishes that Simon would notice her. Simon wishes that he didn’t notice her.

When Elizabeth comes over to his house to drop off some of the students papers, she becomes interested in some of the boxes that are seemingly laying around Simon’s house. She’s inquisitive, wondering what everything is, and what some of the objects do. She is mesmerized with the antiquity of the objects, one of which is an ornate box that Simon’s grandfather had always said was forbidden for him to touch as a child. Inside the box they find a scarab ring and an old pocketwatch.

Simon opens the watch, and both he and Elizabeth are transported to another time…1929 New York to be exact. They pawn the ring for money, but believe that the watch is their only way back to the present. When Simon tries to adjust the dials back to the present, they won’t budge. The only thing that Simon and Elizabeth can think of, is that there was a lunar eclipse going on when they were looking at the watch. In 1929, they realize that they will have to stay in that time period for 6 weeks…that’s when the next lunar eclipse will happen.

They still need money. They find jobs easily at a local speakeasy. Elizabeth waits tables and Simon plays the piano after the piano player had his fingers broken by a gangster.

Oh, so, if time travel weren’t weird enough, there’s something “off” about the gangster. His name is King Kashian, and he’s one you don’t want to cross. When he threatens the lives of Charlie (the bar owner) and Simon, Elizabeth knows what she has to do. She has to go to dinner with King. Against his better judgement, Simon lets her go.

Simon tells Elizabeth that he’s been having dreams about her….not so nice dreams, dreams about her death. No matter what happens in the dreams, he is never able to save her. He tells her this, begging her not to go to dinner with King, but she goes anyway, to save Simon.

I can’t give away what King is, but he isn’t nice. But, then again, what gangster is?

I enjoyed this book immensely. There was a lot of sexual tension between Simon and Elizabeth, especially after Elizabeth was able to break down some of the walls that Simon had built up around himself over the years. Their love is grand, and he figures out that he can’t live without her, that he doesn’t want to live without her.

What happens to Elizabeth at the dinner with King? Will Simon be able to save her? And, of course, will they make it back to the present, or be stuck in 1929? This you will have to find out by getting your copy of this book. I give this book 5 stars.



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12 responses to “Review: Out Of Time: A Paranormal Romance By Monique Martin

  1. Great review! I know someone who would love this book. I’ll pass it along.

  2. Terrific review, Beth! The book sounds good!

  3. Kelly, tried to reply twice, but for some reason, it wouldn’t go. I hope your friend likes it!

  4. Good review. It should make people want to know why and what evil is lurking.

  5. This sounds very interesting but not the genre I normally read–maybe I’ll check into it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book!

  6. Shelly will have to read this one when her list of reads diminish. Everyone needs a Shelly-review.

    That was nice, Beth. Sorry. Shelly got out of control for a moment.

  7. Lena

    Great review! The story sounds interesting! I think the characters seem lively and the story evidently has some surprises. Thanks for recommending it!

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