“Final Hours”, By Norma Beishir, Is Free This Week Only!

Bestselling author, Norma Beishir, has her novel, “Final Hours”, up for free this week only at Amazon. It’s a great romance, a love story that will make you realize what real love is all about.

I read this book when I first met Norma over a year ago. It was my favourite novel, a read that was hard to put down. I just felt so much for the characters. Of course, I think I also liked this book so much because it was written in the first person, in the main male character’s POV. It was easy to get into his head and feel what he was feeling.

So, since Norma has this book up for free this week, I thought I would dig up the old review I did of the book to show some of my new followers. Then, while you’re on the computer, and it’s fresh in your mind, head on over to Amazon and get your free copy!

Final Hours is about what you would do if you only had a few hours to live. How, and with whom, would you spend that time?

     Jamie Randall, a young, early thirties successful business man has been living a lie. A lie he thought he could have been out of by now. He’s living a life as a husband to a woman that he doesn’t love, having been trapped in the loveless marriage by her getting pregnant. His motivation for marrying her was for business purposes only. But, when she had the twin boys, he knew he couldn’t leave her. He loved his boys.

     On a business trip to Rome, an earthquake occurs, causing the underground parking lot of the hotel that he owns, to collapse. With a broken leg, crushed by a piece of concrete, he yells for help. That’s when he meets nature photographer, Kate.

     Maybe it was her beauty, or maybe it was his pain, but he instantly falls in love with her. He’s never cheated on his wife before, but suddenly, he wants to be with this woman. She is beautiful and kind, helping him stay alive. But, it’s more than that.

     And, so begins a love affair that spans 14 years, and from the beginning of the book to the end, their love grows.

     This is a book that will make you smile, laugh and cry. There is even one shocking element you find out at the end of the book. I wrote in my review on Amazon, that you know when a book is good when you can’t put it down. This was that book.

You can find Final Hours at this link.  http://www.amazon.com/Final-Hours-ebook/dp/B002EAZIS8/ref=sr_1_3_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1330432495&sr=1-3 Go get your free copy today!



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2 responses to ““Final Hours”, By Norma Beishir, Is Free This Week Only!

  1. She’s done so very well with her writing, and this one would be no exception!

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