An Interview With Mike Saxton, Author Of 7 Scorpions: Revolution

Recently I did a review of Mike Saxton’s book, 7 Scorpions: Revolution. You can read it here at my blog (, or at Amazon.

I wanted to interview Mike because he’s not only a friend, but a fellow self-published author. Mike is very intelligent…maybe a bit too intelligent. He plans on taking over the world! :o) That’s not an easy feat when you’re trying to get your PhD, and also away from your family.

So, without further ado, here is my interview with bestselling novelist, Mike Saxton!

1. You’re going to school to get your PhD and you have a young family. You’ve just recently moved to a new State, and you’ve been separated (due to the move) from your family. How do you find the time to write?
Lots of caffeine. It extends the day. Of course, it shortens sleep which can lead to insanity but since I’m already insane (and only insane people attempt a PhD), that shouldn’t be a problem.
2. You’re an avid reader of a multitude of genres. Not only that, but you also write reviews for these books. What is something that you like to do besides reading and writing?
It’s interesting you ask this. I originally intended writing to be a hobby. I debated for awhile whether I would even publish or not. I decided to go ahead and publish it to see what would happen. I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met so many cool people. Besides, it’s been a lifelong dream to hold these books in my hands and I have one more . . .
3. You’re a published author with a small press for 7 Scorpions: Rebellion, but with your latest book, 7 Scorpions: Revolution, you decided to go Indie. What convinced you to change?
In short: control. I have spent years on the trilogy. I want it to be the best it can be. Already, I’ve had reviewers comment on the change in the writing style (for the better). Since I now have full control over the process, I put it through a much more rigorous set of revisions and edits than a small press could do. Matter of fact, I am going back and putting Rebellion through this rigor, to give it some edits and at least attempt to bring it up to par with Revolution. I am also keeping in mind, however, that it is not messed up. It won awards and became a bestseller, so I must have done at least a little something right, and I don’t want to lose that in the revision, which is why I have gotten some people to help me out with it.
4. You’ve mentioned before that your novels are based on lucid dreams. Have you got ideas for further works that have come from other lucid dreams?
Believe it or not, dreams haven’t inspired any other writing from me. It’s strange. It’s almost like I was getting a message for 7 Scorpions. I have some whacked out dreams still, but nothing that I could compile into a novel, although a few later dreams were able to be adapted for me to add some parts to Revolution. Right now, after Retribution is done, the only writing I’ll be doing for awhile is doctoral (provided I make it to the dissertation).
5. 7 Scorpions: Rebellion was quite graphic, with the antagonist Zodiac blowing up major cities all over the world and killing innocent people because of their choices. How does the second book in the series differ from the first?
The first book takes place about 5 months after the flash storm. The post-apocalyptic setting is still new to the survivors, who have no organization. When book 2 comes around, we have flashed forward a little more than a year and a half, right around the second anniversary of the Flash Storm. At this point, relationships between the characters have developed and flourished. There is also an organized rebellion (well, sort of organized). We also see Zodiac pushing forward with his mysterious “Final Solution” (yes, he stole that title from Hitler).
6. What kind of support system do you have?
Fortunately, I have been blessed with a great support system. Several fellow authors (including you 🙂 ), have been great. This is a tough field and it’s nice to have the confidence and friendship of fellow authors who are dealing with the same thing. I am also fortunate to have family and friends who are great for editing, graphic design, and other things and have been thrilled to lend a hand.
7. You’ve mentioned being dyslexic. Does that hinder your writing? How have you overcome it?
Fortunately, I’m far from the worst end of the scale with dyslexia but it slows me down with both reading and writing. Over the years, I have learned where I start flipping and confusing words (believe it or not, the words “said” and “and” are problematic for me) so I can deal with it. Grammar check, spell check, editors, and proof readers are a must for me, possibly more so than other authors. I had a total of 7 people help me with the edits and proof reading on 7 Scorpions: Revolution.
8. What else would you be doing if you couldn’t write? Why?
Now there’s an interesting one. I’d probably get more schoolwork done. 🙂
If I couldn’t write, I’d probably be spending more training mastering the Dark Side of the force through various Sith Holocrons. After all, I’m going to rule the world!
Of course you would, Mike! We expect it and will probably be disappointed if doesn’t happen…
Thank you, Mike, for giving me some candid answers and being entertaining at the same time. I do appreciate all that you’ve done for me as well.


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14 responses to “An Interview With Mike Saxton, Author Of 7 Scorpions: Revolution

  1. Mike Saxton

    Thanks Beth! You will now be guaranteed a comfy position once I rule the world.

  2. Beth this is a great interview and now I finally know why I didn’t pursue a PhD!! Mike’s second book sounds even more exciting than the first! Congratulations and good luck on ruling the world.

  3. I’m starting to believe he really is a Sith Lord.

    This interview would be a good addition to his Author Central page. Especially since you didn’t use the underwear-on-a-goat question!

  4. Terrific interview, Beth and Mike!

    I have to agree with you… one has to be somewhat insane to make a run at a PhD….

  5. Another great interview, Beth! And Mike is the cool guy on the block.

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