"The Touch" By Lisa Olsen

     Take the keys and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.

     Wow. I’m almost speechless. This was an exceptionally well written YA Paranormal. Except that I had to work and sometimes life gets in the way, I couldn’t put it down. I could envision everything that the author had written as it happened.

     It’s about a girl named Lexi who has a rather special ability. When she touches objects, she can “see” who has handled it before and maybe what that object might have been used for. Since she was a little girl, she’s had to wear cotton gloves so that she doesn’t get bombarded with visions whenever she touches something. She even was afraid to touch another human beings because she might be able to “see” something from them.

     Lexi has a sister named Allie who is married to Neil and has a daughter named Chloe. When Neil disappears one night, not coming home, Allie fears the worst. She thinks maybe he might have run off with the woman he was seeing behind her back at work.

     Chloe, who is ten years old, is being visited by several ghosts. One is named Bianca. She tells her mom about them, but Allie doesn’t really believe that the old house they live in is haunted. Bianca likes Chloe and leaves her little trinkets under her bed.

     When Chloe disappears, Lexi and Detective Gabriel Ryan go up into the attic to see if they can find some clues. That’s when Lexi touches something and gets a vision of a woman and her daughter. She called the little girl, Bianca.

     When Neil’s car and body are found, all fingers point towards Allie. She had motive, means and no alibi. Lexi can’t believe that her sister would really kill her own husband. Would she have kidnapped her own daughter? Maybe killed her, too?

     This book has just about everything in it. Drama, paranormal, thriller, and even a little bit of love. It’s a great Young Adult Paranormal that is easy to read. I did truly love this book. I am eager to read more from this new author. I give this book 5 stars!

     Reviewer’s Note: I guess I was mistaken in thinking that this was a YA Paranormal. The author has corrected me in this, but I wanted to keep it in my review because if I were in a bookstore where I am, this would be the YA section. I personally peruse the YA section all the time. However, I think the author would like this to be known as just a Paranormal Fiction novel.




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3 responses to “"The Touch" By Lisa Olsen

  1. I read this…I thought I'd already commented on it!I haven't read this one yet, but I've read two of Lisa's other books and already reviewed one, so she can count me as a fan.

  2. DM

    Great review! Seems intense with mystery and paranormal. All the stirrings of a successful book. You did a great job on this.

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