A Short Story By Eve Gaal Called, "Loser’s Ledge "

     I’ve only written one review for a short story before and it didn’t turn out well. This one, however, was well written, the character was developed and well worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

     In this anthology collection, “Fiction Noir: Thirteen Stories”, the author’s story is the first one. It is a sad tale of depression, angst and regret. The author successfully pulled me into her story, making me feel like I was Viola, the main character of the story.

    There wasn’t a trace of fear left in her heart, but her faucet of promise and hope had long ago broken. Culminations of her misfortunes were overflowing in her mind.

     One seemingly small mistake made ten years ago had morphed into a six hundred pound gorilla on her back, weighing her down and making her feel lost, unwanted and alone. Unforgiven. A simple but massive blunder that fogged up all of her good memories and all her judgement by clouding her brain with self-pity and loathing. Sneezing from the fumes coming up from the street, she wiped her nose and knew she couldn’t go back in time. She had to face the consequences…she had to jump.

     In this story, I felt like Viola. I could feel her pain and anguish over the mistake that she had made. It was an honest mistake, a mistake that she lived with for a long time. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she made a choice. A choice so severe, that nothing and no one could ever bring her back in from the ledge.

     When a phone call disrupts her attempts at a swan dive into the depths of Hell, she answers it to find a concerned voice on the other end. Although she thought no one would miss her, someone would.

     This story showed heartbreak, sorrow, love, self-loathing and hope. I can’t tell you how it ends; you’ll have to read it for yourself. But, I will say that it is a story worth reading.

     Maybe it’s because I feel like Viola sometimes.

     The rest of the stories I haven’t read yet, but I will. Then I will do another review of the book as a whole. At this point, I give this story 5 stars.



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9 responses to “A Short Story By Eve Gaal Called, "Loser’s Ledge "

  1. Thank you Beth I'm so glad you like it! Hope others will too!

  2. Awesome review Beth. Really awesome actually!

  3. @William, Evie and Mike-It's really hard doing a review on a short story because you don't want to give anything away. But, it was a great little story, and I will get to the rest of the book soon.

  4. DM

    Sounds like a great story to read, but then Eve is awesome.

  5. @Donna-Evie is awesome, and it was a great little story.

  6. I second that, Beth–our Evie is pretty awesome, and so is her writing!

  7. @Norma-That she is and her writing is amazing…she drew me into her story with very little effort. As I said, I thought I was Viola.

  8. Glad I checked back to see that the good news is still flowing in. Thank you Norma, Donna and Beth for enjoying my story.

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