Shameless Review Of Karla Telega’s New Humorous Mystery Novel, "Box Of Rocks".

     This book is going to have you laughing your ass off. However, sadly, my ass is still as big as ever, so don’t count on it as a diet aid.

     Ted strolled into the kitchen in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms, looking way too chipper for present company. He snagged a muffin and poured a cup of coffee. “What are you girls up to today, and should I notify the authorities?”

     “I’m planning to starch all your shorts before lunchtime,” Maggie grumbled, adding, “Bwa-ha-ha!”

     “I think that was specifically addressed in our marriage vows.”

     Cher looked over the list they had made. “Our first hobby is paranormal investigations”, she mused. “Does that mean we have to stay up all night staking out some graveyard?”

     Maggie grunted and propped her head up with one hand. She turned a bleary gaze up to Ted. “If we don’t come out alive, there’s a pot pie in the freezer.”

     Ok, if that’s not classic Karla-style humour, than I don’t know what is. Her new book, “Box of Rocks” is something that everyone should read if you like to laugh. And, even if you don’t like to laugh, than this will at least brighten your day.

     I’m not a huge fan of mysteries. I’m one of those kind of people who likes to know whodunit at the beginning of the book. But, even if you don’t like whodunit’s, you’re going to love this one. This one is so funny and bumbling that you can’t help but laugh.

     Cher and Maggie are a couple of girlfriends in their 50’s who are looking for a hobby to hopefully help Maggie overcome her need for therapy sessions and to allow her best friend, Cher to get a story to publish.

     There are some other characters in this book that will have you shaking your head. Sam is looking for the site where Paul Lakeland found this old Indian jar, but what he really wants is the directions to an old gold mine, long since abandoned.

     Then there’s this other guy, Bear, who is out to murder someone. He does, in cold blood. But, he realizes too late that it’s the wrong guy. Bear is kind of a bumbling criminal, not really thinking ahead….which then puts him behind. He kind of reminds me of the criminal running away from the scene, only to step on a rake, getting the handle in the face, sort of humour.

     I love how Karla, who has her own humour blog, has incorporated her brand of humour into her book. From the girls’ mishaps while panning for gold, to them getting kicked out of the paranormal investigations class for being too noisy and giggling, these two will be in your hearts. Oh, and let’s not forget the dogs.

     And, if you’re getting up there in age, you’ll understand the friendship, the love and the humour between Cher and Maggie. And, if you don’t think this book is funny, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

     This book rocks and I give it 5 stars!



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6 responses to “Shameless Review Of Karla Telega’s New Humorous Mystery Novel, "Box Of Rocks".

  1. Great review. I love a good mystery and a book that makes me laugh is even better.

  2. Now that you've written such a great review, the paparazzi will be after me for sure.

  3. Great review Beth and congratulation Karla! It sounds hilarious.

  4. DM

    Great review, Beth. Karla, your book sounds fun.

  5. Great review, Beth–but then, it's easy to write a great review of a great book!It really doesn't work as a diet aid?

  6. Terrific review, Beth. And the book's a lot of fun.

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