Storm Chaser~A Romantic Comedy By Mark R. Hunter


     For an instant Chance froze, his knuckles white from their near death grip on the wheel. What the devil’s a kid doing in the middle of Highway Nine? A little voice reminded him of the times he’d lectured other drivers for not keeping their eyes on the road, but he ignored it.

     A violent wind gust jarred him into action and he lowered the passenger side window making the shriek of the advancing twister even louder. A shower of paperwork whirled around the passenger compartment.

     That’s when he realized she wasn’t in the middle of the road. In his eagerness to track the storm, he’d swerved from the pavement and almost hit an innocent kid standing on the berm, close to a huge white recreational vehicle.

     Taking a deep breath, Chance vowed he’d deliver her safely into the arms of her parents, before someone else came along and mowed her down. “Hey!”

     The girl lowered her camera, exposing dark eys and elfin features. Her lips turned down in a slight frown as she studied the storm, strands of brown hair blew across her face. The howling wind whipped at ther loose flannel shirt and baggy jeans making her appear tiny against the blowing debris threatening to carry her away. She had to be a decade younger than Chance, maybe eighteen at the most.

     Storm Chaser is a romantic comedy that will have you falling in love along with Chance and Allie. Chance Hamlin is a Trooper in the police department, and Allie Craine is a young looking adult woman that Chance mistakingly thinks is way too young to be out on her own, and in the middle of a tornado to boot. He “detains” her falsely, only because he doesn’t believe that she is as old as she says she is. He doesn’t believe her when she says that the RV is hers, and not stolen, and that she is a professional photographer.

     Even when he finds out that she is who she says she is, he can’t help but be suspicious. He asks his colleagues to go above and beyond to help him find out what he can about this young woman. He brings her to his mother’s place (he lives in the apartment over the garage), where Allie meets his mother, Elsa and his little sister, Beth. Even Beth figures out that Allie is as old as what she says she is just by looking in Allie’s eyes.

     But, Chance has his reasons for being leary of Allie, even though he’s falling for her fast–he just won’t admit it. It never fails that disasters seem to follow her and he’s not sure, but he thinks that she’s hiding something. He vows to try to figure out what it is. And, just when Allie thinks that Chance is starting to fall for her too, he pulls away from her.

     Allie, though, is feeling the need to settle down. She falls in love, not only with Chance, but with his family and everyone else in the town. When disasters strike a small town, everyone pitches in to help and everyone likes each other. That’s something new to Allie, and she likes it.

     Another character, Luther Magee, is following Allie everywhere she goes, and then he reports back to someone. Even though she does her best to make sure that she is keeping a low profile and not in the ‘limelight’, he always manages to find her.

     Chance turned to thank Allie for this, to apologize for his attitude, to–

     Something was wrong.

     Allie swayed unsteadily when she turned. She looked pale, her eyes glazed and unfocused.

     “Allie’s teaching me about the weather.” Beth peeled off the dress, causing Chance an instant of panic before he realized she wore a one-piece bathing suit underneath. “I’m going to hang this up.” She headed towards the steps unaware of her brother’s tension.

     “Storm’s comin’.” Allie tilted her head back to the west. “Feel it?” Her words were slurred.

     Chance glanced over and saw a few puffy, harmless-looking clouds left over from the morning haze. “Looks the same as yesterday.”

     “Nope.” She gestured west, and began mumbling something about dry lines and unstable air masses before trailing off with a sigh. “I’m tired.”

     A cold fist gripped Chance’s stomach. It can’t be. Not now, not this. “Allie, what’s wrong?”

     “Wrong?” Her brows grew together, puzzlement etching her face. “I think I need something…food? I need food…”

     “No, you don’t need food. Hunger doesn’t make people like this.” He should have felt anger, or maybe triumph at being proved right after all this. But, instead, a terrible sadness settled over him.

     Allie is keeping a secret, but it’s only because she was brought up that way by her over-bearing father. His motto is to never show weakness. Chance also has secrets…secrets about why he acts the way he does and why he feels the way he does about photographers and people of the media.

     I laughed and I cried, and yes, I could see myself falling in love with Chance (the big lug) and you will, too. This is an easy to read story of the love between two totally different people and the trust that is needed in every relationship. Secrets are revealed, roots are embedded, love and friendships made.

     I highly recommend this book! I give it a Five Star Rating!




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14 responses to “Storm Chaser~A Romantic Comedy By Mark R. Hunter

  1. Great review! This sounds interesting.

  2. I was already looking forward to this book, but your review is going to bring Mark a lot of newly interested readers!

  3. @K-It was a very good book, and thanks for stopping by!@Norma-I am so impressed by Mark's writing. I highly recommend a sequel!

  4. I love romances and a romantic thriller written by a man sounds delightful!Thanks Beth, I'm sure Mark will agree you did a great review!

  5. @Eve-Mark did a great job of showing off his humour, and his writing ability. @William-Thank you!

  6. DM

    Great job, Beth. You've written this so it's hard to not buy it.

  7. This book has officially moved up the list to being next.

  8. Thanks, Beth! I'm glad you liked it!

  9. Great review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much. The characters made quite the impression on me, too.

  10. This is a great review – I must admit I skipped the excerpts, because I'll soon be reading it myself. Can't wait now.

  11. @Donna-Thank you!@Mike-That's what I did…put all the others aside to read this one.@Mark-Of course, you're very welcome.@Strange-He's a great writer. It was hard not to like the characters.@Rosanne-Good!

  12. Mark, you're getting off to a great start.How many strangers did you kiss, anyway?

  13. I don't know, Norma — let me count the restraining orders …

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